Goldie Lookin' Chain - Cardiff, The Globe

How to explain the GLC? How did these dissolute clarts make it into the charts? I think it is a Welsh thing, I mean earlier today Cardiff City blew any serious Premier League promotion hopes by losing 3-0 at home in spectacular style and were given a standing ovation for their troubles. We like losers in Wales, isn’t it boyo?

Back in the day when we were downloading the first GLC albums who could ever have predicted that Adam Hussein’s career would outlast Saddam himself? Almost astonishing that the joke still hasn’t worn thin but here we are in 2009 and the Globe is rammed and the place is a sweatbox; with all this nylon and soapbar in the house there’s a serious fire hazard. Amazing too, to me, that the joke translates outside of South East Wales, but maybe the rest of the world don’t realise it is a giant, albeit affectionate, send-up. Hell, maybe all rap music is a joke in its hometown and the rest of us are oblivious? Who can say? All we know is that the GLC are in the house and there’s a new album (Asbo 4 Life) to promote. Cardiff is ready to party, it may be Sunday night but I’m stood next to a pregnant nun and a cowboy while a Super Furry Animal peers out from a corner of the room. Half Man, Half Machine opens the show and all cynicism is rendered redundant, you can’t help but laugh and get caught up in the vibe - don’t fight it, feel it.

Much of tonight’s show is taken from the new album, which is released on 30th March, the first new number being Disguise which maybe explains the pregnant nun and the cowboy? I’m not sure and the nun isn’t telling as she’s either taken a vow of silence or a tab of ecstasy and some industrial strength worming tablets. Recent single By any means necessary sees the capacity crowd join in with some call and response singing just like at one of them proper rap shows like they have in ‘that London’. Marvellous, but the highlight for me is the choreographed ‘vogueing’ which accompanies new song Welcome to Germany, written as a possible World Cup theme tune and delivered with all the razzamatazz of a FIFA opening ceremony. It is tragic yet inspiring – you too could be this crap! They finish on a high, New Day features the Goldie Lookin’ Male Voice Choir and is genuinely cracking while old favourites Soapbar and Your missus is a nutter, reworked as a Ragga Twins jungle mash-up, ensure we all leave smiling. That’s what the GLC is all about. Safe.

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