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Usually I wouldn’t start a gig review with the supports mainly because I go to a gig expecting the supports just to be a decent distraction from the long wait until the main act comes on. However I’m going to make an exception here so that I can showcase my annoyance that Paige were the main support and Attack! Attack! weren’t.

I had never heard of Attack! Attack! before which made the fact that I loved them even more impressive. Showcasing riffs that their fellow countrymen Lostprophets would have been proud of in their early days, they blistered through a short set that left me wanting more. You really have to admire a band who manage to get the crowd singing along to songs they’ve probably never heard of before, even if it did take a plea from guitarist Will to not “make him look like a tit” before stand out song Lights Out. I urge everyone to at least give them a listen on their My Space.

After their set, I had high hopes for the next band considering they were deemed worthy enough to be the main support and I couldn’t have been more disappointed. Paige were the very definition of dull with every song sounding essentially the same. This could not have been better showcased than when they opened their set with three consecutive songs and I had trouble telling where one ended and the next started, other than the odd outbreak of applause. They also seemed to be confused as to what made a slow song. I’ll give you a hint lads, a piano-led intro does not a slow song make. Especially when followed by three minutes of mindless guitars with no memorable riffs. Avoid at all costs.

One fact I wish I hadn’t read about Go:Audio before the gig was that they were supporting McFly (quite possibly the worst band to ever exist) later in the year, because it gave me some hesitation as to whether I’d enjoy them. A quick glance around the sell out crowd full of people who made me feel old and I feared the worst. Thankfully though by the end of their hour long set, they may not have become my new music obsession but they had certainly impressed the cynic inside me.

The most enjoyable aspect of their set for me was the on stage banter between the band as you could tell they were comfortable with each other and really enjoying what they do. Even if this generally amounted to gentle bullying of the drummer Andy Booth for the time he missed a starting cue which they won’t let him forget. The band also added a serious edge to this when thanking the crowd for being there and, unlike some bands when it comes across as just something they have to say, you could tell that lead singer James Matthews really meant it.

Go:Audio also have something which marks them out from the overcrowded genre of emo pop in that they don’t play with a bassist. It’s a credit to them that it doesn’t really affect their songs and none of the tracks felt like something was missing from them. If anything it allows the vocals to shine through which really improves tracks like Save Me Now and new song This Is Hollywood.

Instead of the bass, the synth becomes a key part of the band’s sound and, luckily for Go:Audio, they also possess one of the most excitable synth players I’ve ever seen in Josh Wilkinson. When not encouraging the audience to jump, he was bounding across the stage pulling shapes and adding to the overall fun atmosphere of the gig.

The biggest crowd reactions of the night were reserved for their singles Made Up Stories, saved right until the end of the encore, and She Left Me. During these, James had no hesitation of pointing the microphone to the crowd and having them sing the vocals during the choruses. While it wasn't as impressive as when The Subways do the same with Oh Yeah, it still generated a surprisingly loud noise from a small crowd who were note perfect. It showcased just how strong of a following Go:Audio have created in a short time and all based on the strength of an EP and two singles.

My only advice to the band would be to not support bands like McFly as it can give the wrong impression to casual music fans such as myself. Oh and also have Attack! Attack! as the main support next time please?

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