Foxy Shazam - Flowerpot London

Foxy Shazam's Reading warm up show at London's petite Flowerpot venue was my fourth gig of the week. I had spent the last three evenings watching female acts so felt it was time to have a lads night out watching the US Rockers, even though their singer veers towards the camp side! The band's performance at the same pub earlier in the year completely blew me away so I arrived at the venue with extremely high expectations and left feeling the group had lived up to every one of them.

The Ohio band are a phenomenal live act due in part to charismatic frontman Eric Nally. The singer seemed to cover every inch of the stage during the set, a lot of the time crawling on the ground and when stood in one place between numbers tended to have the audience in stitches with his almost preacher like song introductions. The rest of the band are nearly as energetic as the singer, with keyboard player Sky White particularly fun to watch, moving from staring out into the audience serenly to bashing the hell out of his keyboard with his foot, occasionally while standing upside down!

As enjoyable as it sounded in the live arena if truth to be told I wouldn't generally listen to Foxy Shazam's musical output at home as it's not really my thing as the band travel the same sort of route as the fun side of Queen and The Darkness, neither of which tend to get an airing in the Thomson household. That being said the band are still blessed with some great tracks that I'd be happy to hear pop up on my ipod anytime, with three of the best - Unstoppable, Wanna be angel and Bye bye symphony aired at the Flowerpot.

The music may have sounded great live but there was as much fun to be had between songs, with the band's frontman's stories and tall tales bringing a smile on each occasion, whether it be his rants about a much loved magazine pissing him off as they said he sings like a girl, telling us that David Bowie and movie star Jack Nicholson produced the band's album or offering the crowd a twenty buck bet to see if anyone could kill him - "I'll get to you before you get to me!". Eric also brought the house down with his triple cigarette party piece, borrowing the cigs from an audience member, smoking them then chewing the lit cigarettes up, happily showing us the evidence which was slightly vile but amusing at the same time!

I'm not 100% sure what the band are up to release wise in the UK. I believe there's an album forthcoming before the end of the year though, but I may be wrong! If they happen to tour the collection it's a "must see" ticket as you'd be guaranteed an extremely enjoyable evening. I admit I've only seen them in an intimate setting but I doubt they'd let me down in a larger arena.

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