Fleshies - Buffalo Bar

You can tell when Fleshies have taken to the stage by the fact that the hornet like singer has launched himself like a missile into the crowd. No kidding - this is the sort of gig where you fear for your personal safety as King Dirt, mad cipher vocalist of pure energy, cavorts into the crowd with no concern for safety - his or yours. You'll never see a vocalist more in tune with the music. He's the very definition of front man - every chord, beat and riff affects his performance directly and the effect is as though he were some sort of puppet controlled by the music. Its art; Or something, but whatever it is, its fucking thrilling to watch. Fleshies are from Oakland, California, and play a mean line in post-rock-punk - meaning that it sounds fast, loud and raucous.. They're obviously heavily influenced by the NY hardcore punk scene and this is no bad thing especially as they have had the sense to know the difference between speed and aggression; this is aggressive music to be sure, but it's not played at a blur which gives the songs room to breath and take shape. They have a song called Led Fucking Zeppelin Man and, whether it was played tonight or not, it makes no difference, how cool is that for a song title? The actual songs played tonight, whatever they were, sounded great but this is the sort of band that makes you think - 'Wow, they were great, wonder what they played?' so enthralled you become by the performance. Anyway, highlights of the night included King Dirt falling off a stool at the back of the club, and then tipping hot wax from one of the bulb-like candleholders down his throat. Whether this was accident or design it was hard to tell, but you can't beat it for spectacle and it made no difference whatsoever to his stomach churning vocals anyway. They're so raw it makes your throat hurt just listening to it. This is a tight, hard band that churns out absolutely vicious little tunes and then slap you round the head with them.

They’re on tour at the moment, so go and see them if you can…

Wed. 9 The Croft Bristol, England
w/ LILLYDAMNWHITE + TWO DAY RULE, 7pm, £5, 117-119 Stokes Croft

Thu. 10 The Witch Trials at The White Hart Hotel DUMFRIES, Scotland
w/ THE DANGERFIELDS, FIGHTIN COUGARS and PHUD, 8pm-12am, £4, Brewery Street, T: 01387 253337

Fri. 11 Dirty Water Club at The Boston London, England
w/ Tiny Elvis, 8:30pm, Harpers Bar at the Boston, 178 Junction
Road, London. T: 020 8802 77 39

Sun. 13 Heaven & Hell Club Liverpool, England
w/ The Dunnolars + One Man Orgy, 7:30pm, Fleet Street

Tue. 15 The Roundabout HIGH WYCOMBE, England

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