Fields - King Tuts Wah Wah Hut - Glasgow

Fields are a band collective very much in the vein of great Indie bands gone past but their main influence comes from one film, ‘The Wicker Man’.

‘The Wicker Man’ was a strange and menacing film with the penultimate act in the final reels helping to make it the cult film that it is today. Tonight, with the band Fields, most of their songs comprised of heady My Bloody Valentine influenced blazing sonics (much evident in 'Song For The Fields') with a sparse gentle vocal from both the main guitarist and the sole female in the band.

Sparklehorse (remember them?) is recalled in one of the tracks they played tonight, ‘If You Fail We All Fail’.

They don’t quite burn up the form of current music as we know it but Fields will and perhaps have already found their audience. ‘Charming The Flames’ encompasses most of what Fields are about, atmospheric other-worldly soundscapes with mythic vocals to match. Imagine if ‘The Wicker Man’ and everything that made the film the classic it was, became by some force of nature, a musical entity, then that entity would and is personified by Fields.

If there’s one song that defines the band tonight then it’s the aforementioned ‘If You Fail We All Fail’, a nu-gazer anthem in the making and full of enough dream pop to sell by the bottle. Memories of The Radio Dept. and similar classic bands before come flooding back.

There weren’t any naked women at this gig, there weren’t any blokes dressed in women’s gear (thankfully), there was basically solid songs of an indie-folk and at times riotous guitar nature with swooning keyboards getting played to an audience that lapped it up with relish.

You wouldn’t be wasting your money if you went to see Fields live, on the contrary, it would be money well spent.

Image from 'The Wicker Man'

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