Ecki, Anton Barbeau & Pat Fish - The 12 Bar Club, LONDON

The 12 Bar Club is a wonderful venue. It's cavernous, dark and dank - just the kind of place that's gonna stink to high heaven before the year's out unless all incoming punters are issued with a can of deoderant and the last 50 years of wall-fag-filth-dirt are blasted away with a sand blaster..

I went to the 12 Bar Club to see Anton Barbeau.

Barbeaus new LP on cult Oxfordian label Shifty Disco has been warmly recieved and thus far I'd enjoyed it and was keen to see what he did LIVE..

I missed the first act Ecki.

I've since been reliably informed that Ecki 'is a bland singer songwriter with guitar whose blandness reminded me of seeing David Gray promoting his debut album a good 10 years before he had a hit and became the epitome of dull' so i didn't feel too bad to have missed his set...

Mr Barbeau played next

I liked his set. I liked the kind and easy nature of his music. There was elements of the overly hippy woolly acoustic, but Barbeau didn't annoy me like some other fluffies do. His lyrics are better, his stage manner and banter was fun and light. The band enjoyed themselves. He's a good guy, I liked his style and so did the crowd, though the sing along didn't quite hit the funny bone...

Headlining was Mr Pat Fish

For my sins, I missed most of Mr Fish (I was networking important ideas, plans, parties, bullshit) But with my Blackberries finally eaten, I took a seat on the balcony and saw him finish with a flourish.

Pat Fish is a man with a guitar. A man feeling the music and a man possessed by his music. I couldn't begin to decribe it because I was drunk and only saw two songs, but it had soul and that has to be the main thing..

Furthermore, he reminded me why I no longer play it and why I never should have done so to begin with...

So there...

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