Double U - Cafe Oto, London

Hidden away in a backstreet of Dalston, Cafe Oto is a dark, quaint little place. Perfect for some quiet, delicate dream-pop then surely? French trio Double U, take to the stage fairly unassumingly and head straight into their first song of the night. This one is quite a bluesy number, unlike a lot of the stuff on their new album Pineapple Dream, but a nice surprise. They continue straight into the title track of that aforementioned album, and everything takes a little turn for the worse.

What Double U play isn't bad, it's just a little unexciting. It doesn't help that their drum loops and backing track sound decidedly dated and fuzzy, and to their credit they play through the quite loud chatter coming from the audience. But one can't help but think that this is all because, quite frankly, they're a bit dull. That said, Franck Rabeyrolles vocals are a highlight, his smooth, delicate voice suiting the atmosphere well and keeping tonight from being a complete dud.

But it was a close call.

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