Does It Offend You, Yeah? - Birmingham Custard Factory

Birmingham Custard Factory's semi-regular Eclectricity night really lived up to its name this weekend, with the huge complex hosting a wide array of DJs and bands across four stages - maybe more, considering all the hidden corners you can find in that place. Sets from regulars Annie Mac and Scratch Perverts wildly differed in tone but satisfied the dance-hungry masses, while Audio Bullys turned things a bit grimy in the Space 2 warehouse. Meanwhile, the central tent was so rammed for Simian Mobile Disco - down one James Ford, it would seem - that it was one in, one out for most of the night. Utah Saints wound things down for those punters who managed to make it to the 6am finishing line, ensuring they left happy enough to withstand the torturous wait for the train station to open.

An early highlight of the evening was a high-energy set from Reading's brilliantly titled Does It Offend You, Yeah? Inevitably working a more band-like setup than the other acts (there were guitars and everythink), their midnight entrance onstage was received with rapturous fan fever, suggesting the one European girl I chatted to sporting a DIOYY T-shirt was not the only one who had bought tickets purely for this band. Spookily, a couple of weeks after seeing Dresden Doll Amanda Palmer here, frontman James Rushent mirrored her immobility on stage with a cast and crutches of his own - maybe Space 2 is cursed?

His inability to even stand, propped up at the front of the stage with his bass and mic, surprisingly didn't affect the momentum of the show, the rest of the band and in particular charismatic guitarist Morgan Quaintance throwing themselves into the music. They weren't the only ones, the crowd going absolutely ape shit mental for the big tunes off debut album You Have No Idea What You're Getting Yourself Into. The bludgeoning - in a good way - assault of With a Heavy Heart and Daft Punk-indebted We Are Rockstars created a bit of a stir (understatement much?), while the short spazz attack of Attack of the 60ft Lesbian Octopus also had the desired effect. They proved they can give Justice a run for their money with Weird Science, the highlight of the album and live set, and closer Dawn of the Dead worked the shiny '80s nostalgia as well as anything on the brilliant Ladyhawke record.

It's over in just under an hour but what a sweaty, jumpy, sexy hour with a crowd resembling the Skins cast throwing themselves into each other, all smiles and pure ecstasy (wink wink, nudge nudge). The indie cred awarded the band has obviously drawn a trendy audience for their electro sound, the majority of the crowd leaving en masse at the set's end for the equally acceptable cool of SMD. While Hustler et al rocked it though, I didn't see anything as full-on to the reaction given to these boys; maybe the crowd were flagging a bit come 3am or maybe, just maybe, DIOYY rocked harder.

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