Dan Sartain - Brudenell Social Club, Leeds

Spring has sprung and it’s time for good time rock n roll with a little bit of garage rock thrown in for good measure. So who better to provide the entertainment that Birmingham’s own Dan Sartain (that’s Birmingham Alabama of course)? Kicking off with ‘Those Thoughts’, and following it up swiftly with latest single ‘Atheist Funeral’, Sartain and his Atlanta rhythm section are obviously out to enjoy themselves and, as a result, the decent sized crowd are also thoroughly entertained. The majority of the set is made up of songs from upcoming new album Dan Sartain Lives. Playing yet-to-be released songs can be a recipe for disaster but no-one seemed to worry as new and old blended together perfectly. There were a couple of dull and downright pappy love songs that seemed out of place but at around two minutes each they were soon forgotten when the like of ‘Leeches Pt.1’ and ‘Walk Among The Cobras IV’ rang out.

Chris Isaak’s ‘Voo Doo’ was given a sped up run through and main set closer, Samhain’s ‘Hungry End’ proved that Sartain is equally at home with hand picked cover versions as his own material. A quick break followed, allowing him to tidy up his quiff, before he returned to the stage alone to take requests. He managed to struggle through ‘Lonely Hearts’ after jokingly saying he could not remember it. After more requests were swiftly dealt with, the band returned for a fittingly upbeat finale. Signing off with a brand new song Sartain departed having provided us with an hour of stripped down rock and roll to warm the heart and move the body.

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