Connect Festival - Day Three - A review in pictures

Sunday started on the Oyster stage with a performance from Patrick Wolf.
This was the third time I'd seen his set during 2007 festival season.
The crowd were very sparse to begin with but soon filled up as the performance continued.
This was a slightly shorter set than I had seen him play previously and he was fairly low energy to begin with, even admitting he was tired as he had only had four hours sleep.
By the time closing number "The magic position" arrived both Patrick and his considerably larger audience were fully charged with a number of the crowd singing and dancing along.
His set certainly woke me up,sticking "The magic position" in my head for the rest of the day in the process!

I was taking it easy on the last day of the Festival so had planned an hour or so's break before Newton Faulkner.However my curiosity got the better of me when I heard the rumblings of Danish band The Kissaway Trail from the press tent, situated behind the stage so I popped into the pit to photograph the band during their first two songs.
I was suprised when the band struck up the opening to "La la song " as I realised I had heard it quite a lot on BBC 6 Music, with the live version sounding just as good.

Having had my curiosity cured I went back to relax returning again for Newton Faulkner.
Newton started his set playing to a rowdy audience,nshouting mock abuse that was funny to begin with but grated by the second song.Newton took it all in good spirit though, even trying on a comedy hat that was thrown on to the stage when requested to do so.
The crowd lapped up the songs from Newton's debut album "Hand built by robots" which obviously pleased the man as he had commented earlier how bemused he was about it getting to number 1 in the album charts and his general popularity as a whole.

Any regular CD Times reader will know of my love for a certain tap dancing led group of individuals from Omaha Nebraska so I was counting the minutes till the return to the UK stage of Tilly And The Wall.
The band are unique in their set up as generally instead of having a drummer Jamie taps out the rhythms on a metal circle mounted on a box.Jamie's joined onstage by husband Derek on guitar on vocals,Neely on vocals, bass and stomping,Kianna doing the same,Nick on keyboard and extra special additonal Tilly member for live shows Mason on groovy guitar licks,There was no expense spared for this set as they were even joined by drummer Craig for part of the performance
I like Tilly festival sets as they always play their most rabble rowsing tracks, guaranteeing a good response.The songs were taken from their two Moshi Moshi released albums "Wild like children and "Bottoms of barrels" with an additonal new track "Too excited".Best number as always was set closer "Nights of the living dead`, a glorious singalong that never fails to leave me grinning from ear to ear.

After Tilly I headed down to the Oyster Stage to see what the lovely Regina Spektor was up to .I had only heard bits and pieces of her work so I was curious to sample her performance.
It was very interesting,especially as she started the set singing accapella, creating a hushed tone from the audience.She also used a chair as a percussion instrument to great effect.
Time constraints meant I couldn't stay for her full set but I'd love to sample a full Regina set somewhere down the line.

The remainder of my Connect bands were also on the Oyster stage.
I had watched rapper MIA hobble on to a stage at the Get Loaded festival a week earlier, using a crutch for balance but she seemed in fine form and full of energy when she entered the Oyster arena.
Joined by a fellow female rapper MIA ran through tracks from albums "Arular" and "Kala" inviting the crowd to join her onstage causing chaos as the poor woman was dwarfed by fans,ending the set prematurely!

Dance act LCD Soundsytem were meant to be appearing next.However headliner Bjork decided that she'd rather go onstage earlier for some reason so swapped places with them.
I hadn't seen Bjork live since her "Debut" tour in the early 90's so was looking forward to her performance.
It was far more enjoyable than I expected and was blown away by the sound which occasionly sounded like Bacharach horns mixed with Techno beats!
The songs that stood out for me were singles "Earth intruders", "Army of me" and "Joga".
The set changed gears towards the end,moving into harder dance Territory's, culminating in a stunning double bill of "Hyperballad" and "Pluto".

There was a lengthy gap between the finish of the set and Bjork's return for an encore.
I had assumed one was going to happen but had waded my way halfway up the field through thick mud by that point.
I turned around to watch "Anchor song" but departed when "Declare Independence" started as I was very wary of slipping and covering myself in mud.I had avoided it for three days but knew I was skating on thin ice (or slipping all over the place in deep mud) so made my way to safer footing!
I think Connect worked really well as a festival.If they can get the same sort of covering on the ground in the Oyster section as they had at the Guitar stage it would even better.
The crowd seemed generally to be in good spirits at the end of the three days and I would certainly return again in 2008

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