Connect Festival Day One - A review in pictures

The Scottish Connect Festival takes place in Argyll on the grounds of Inverary Castle.
The setting for the festival is a joy to behold and viewed from the distance the Oyster stage where the most popular acts perform looks tiny and insignificant dwarfed by Scotland's majestic hills.
The proceedings got of to a slow start with an appearance from new Scots kid on the block Amy Macdonald.
Hoping to follow in the steps of wee Scots rocker KT Tunstall rather than one and a half hit wonder Sandi Thom (probably back playing gigs in her basement) Miss Macdonald performed tracks from her debut album "This is the life" to a small but expectant crowd.She obviously had a lot of fans in the gathering though as they shouted words of admiration throughout the performance.
I wasn't impressed by Amy, preferring mine of the Winehouse variety and even her Fleetwood Mac cover didn't do it for me.

Make Model were the band who christened the "Guitars and other machines" stage.
I had watched them support CSS in London a couple of nights earlier and was impressed by the set so looked forward to their Connect debut.
The band ran through several songs including single "The LSB" with the boy / girl vocals working extremely well.
I particularly enjoyed the tracks towards the end of their set with one of their songs reminding slightly of Arcade Fire.
There's a bit of a buzz about the band so I'm sure I'll catch them again at some point when I'm back in London.

I had a break for about an hour as neither main stage band The Trash Can Sinatras or Stephen Fretwell held an interest for me.
I returned to the Oyster stage for CSS's final show on the 2007 Festival circuit.
I've seen Cansei De Ser Sexy countless times over the last 12 months including an intimate set at London's Islington Academy a couple of nights earlier.
The band's performance really impressed me though as they were on great form, giving the show an "End of term" feel.
Lovefoxxx and her gang's set was pulled mostly from their debut album and saw the lead singer engaging with audience members from the pit, enhaling helium for a vocal effect and generally rolling about the stage - the norm for a CSS show!

Jarvis Cocker was up next on the main stage.The ex Pulp man has had a successful year with his solo album "Jarvis" impressing a lot of listeners.
The crowd seemed really into it with several screaming out the words to his songs.
Jarvis's performance was very laid back, especially as he only arrived on site moments before.He didn't seem phased though, taking plenty of time to chat to the audience between songs.

The Jesus And The Mary Chain were the band a lot of people had come to see.It was a fairly hits heavy set with "Never understand" up first.I didn't get the chance to stay for the whole performance so I'll do my best to watch the 80's noisemakers if they headline anywhere in the future.

The band I had looked forward to seeing the most on the first day of Connect were The Go! Team.
Having spent a glorious sunny afternoon in their company the weekend before it felt slightly odd to see them in chillier Scottish surroundings.
Pulling songs from their two albums "Thunder lightning strike"and "Proof of youth" the band got a great response with singer Ninja commenting how the band always say their favourite audiences are the Scottish ones..
They pummeled their way through their singles including "Grip like a vice", "Junior kickstart" and current release"Do it right" alongside album favourites, including the cheerleader stomp "Huddle formation".
I was sad I had to leave my spot on the barrier just as they were launching into my favourite Go! Team song "Bottle rocket".

I had to leave to photograph the Beastie Boys on the Oyster stage.They were quite fun but due to contractual obligations I'm unable to bring you lovely CD Times readers any photographs of the Brooklyn trio so here's another one instead ....

Au Revoir Simone
- Fighting for their right to party!

Far prettier and more worthy of your attention!!

I really enjoyed my first day at Connect.The atmosphere was very laid back with no trace of sunburnt Scottish flag carrying tartan wearing neds or flying pints for that matter so far that alone it should be rewarded.

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