Cold Cave - Cargo, London

Tonight is deafeningly loud. From the moment openers Factory Floor take to the stage it's clear that tonight is not going to be kind to the old ear drums. But as soon as Cold Cave take to the stage, the volume all starts to make sense as the thumping beats and throbbing, harsh noise attacks zip through your whole body.

Coming on to a barrage of hiss and piercing feedback, the band pull no punches and dive headfirst into their unique strain of synth-pop. Recent single 'Life Magazine' is a particular highlight, with its high pitched squeal of a melody and some great vocals from former Mika Miko frontwoman Jennifer Clavin. It also marks the point where the crowd starts to loosen up and move their bodies to this bizarre death-disco.

Airing a fair few tracks from their most recent opus Love Comes Close, including a great 'Cebe and Me', the band come across like a darker and far more vicious The Cure. Wesley Eisolds moody vocals sound incredibly like Robert Smith at times, but this only adds to the atmosphere. Dominick Fernow even gets to stretch the muscles usually worked by his own project Prurient, the dense, crackling and glitchy interludes being a welcome addition as the copious amounts of fuzz wash over the crowd. Tonight may have tested my ears to the max, but Cold Cave came out on top taking the crowd into a wonderfully dark and glistening world where they were the house band.

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