Broadway Calls - Newport, Le Pub

£5 for three bands? The street urchins of Newport have a bargain night out here at Le Pub and yet there’s a certain air of despondency about the place and it’s left for bassist Ben of support band Save Your Breath to identify the reason for the malaise. So who here has got tickets for Reading then? he cheerily shouts; the response? Silence. It might be a long night. Save Your Breath are not used to such muted responses, not here on their own patch. So you couldn’t get tickets for the Lost Prophets up the road then? he continues. More seething silence. A punky-emo band in a pub without a moshpit is a sad sight and so there’s little left to do but for the band to resort to plan b and create their own mass of flailing limbs up on the stage. It proves to be infectious and when the band leave the tiny stage they’ve certainly done their utmost to warm up this lifeless crowd.

Unfortunately, by the time Broadway Calls take to the stage the temperature has plummeted again. The skate punks from Oregon are over here to play Reading and Leeds and it seems that this warm-up for the band is genuinely proving to be a bit of a kick in the teeth for those here who won’t be joining them at the festivals. The sullen reluctance to enjoy the show is a shame as the band are a slick, no frills trio who make the kind of music which made Green Day a household name.

Basement Royalty one of the highlights of new album Good Views, Bad News is slipped into the set early on, but even this tub thumping slice of power pop fails to make an impression upon the gloom. The band are clearly a little rattled by the static audience but, thankfully, rise above the gloom and step up a gear. Recent single Be All You Can Be, a political statement about the immorality of US Army recruitment drives in schools, finally proves too be too much to resist; the ice begins to melt and when, during the majestic call to arms that is Tonight is Alive, a lone crowd surfer makes the leap of faith you can see the delight and relief in the eyes of bassist Matt Koenig. Last minute salvation in Newport then and, while their festival crowds will be bigger and meaner, Broadway Calls will face them knowing that they can’t be more sullen than Newport.

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