Basement Jaxx - Forum London

Sometimes gigs manage to do the impossible. Perhaps that's over egging the pudding somewhat, but Basement Jaxx certainly manage to unite a crowd that is as diverse as it is energetic. No wonder, really, for The Jaxx certainly aren't ashamed of stealing from any genre that they see fit. Musical magpies, then, but they certainly have impeccable taste. Shall we steal some old punk imagery? Yes please. What about the riff from the White Stripes only best song? We shall have that as well. Thanks. And so on.

With a sell-out crowd hanging on every beat, it's no exaggeration to say that the Jaxx ripped the shit out of the poor old Forum. There's a wonderful vibe here tonight, everyone seems to be totally into the music with none of the negativity you get at some gigs. No one's pushing, shoving or creating mosh pits that exist merely as an excuse for boys to touch each other in a violent, homoerotic sort of way. There's dancing and jumping about, certainly, but all in the name of fun. Oh what fun we had.

Opening with Good Luck from their wonderful Kish Kash album, and with Lisa Kekula providing powerful vocals there’s not a dull moment from then on in. It's rough, ready and wonderfully creative. There's a real sense that the people on stage, and the stage was rarely empty, were enjoying themselves as much as the crowd. Nothing seemed choreographed or rehearsed, but spontaneous and there's real joy to be had from watching people just creating a vibe. Basement Jaxx understand that dance music is more than about fast beats; every song is painstakingly constructed and certainly understands the dynamics of a live performance. Everything builds and builds to a climax, only to be followed by another and another. The imagary employed is relevant and intelligent. Juxtaposing images of American consumer drugs with symbols of rave culture sounds easy, but it's evocative and effective.

Highlights include pretty much everything, but Siousxie Sioux and Kish Kash sounded phenomenal live and the sublime Supersonic stood out. If you've seen Basement Jaxx on this current, sort of London tour, then count yourself very lucky indeed. If you haven’t, please make every effort to do so next time.

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