Airbourne - Bristol Colston Hall

Never mess with a Gypsy. Some readers may have noticed that the sudden improvement in the fortunes of Manchester City coincided with their move away from Maine Road. This is no mere coincidence, for Maine Road was subject to a furious curse imposed by the gypsies who were evicted from the building site. Less well known, perhaps, is the curse laid upon AC/DC, a band doomed to continue performing for all eternity until a band worthy of wearing their crown emerges from down under. Finally, as Angus enters his 90th year, prayers have been answered and he’s tucked up snug in bed tonight while Airbourne stride purposefully onto a Bristol stage to a sea of clenched fists and devil horns.

It’s an incongruous venue, the fading Victorian splendour of the auditorium more used to something a little less crude and heart crushingly loud on a Tuesday night, in fact the last proper METAL gig the Music Fix caught here was Guns n Roses back in the late eighties. Metal has been in the doldrums since, but the beast has merely been biding its time and waiting for the perfect moment. As the houselights fall and a wall of searchlights strafe the balcony it’s evident that the moment has arrived.

Airbourne don’t just arrive, they erupt, louder than hell and proceed to shake the venue’s foundations into dust with a crushing rendition of the anthemic ‘Raise The Flag’. Here’s one for ya yelps Joel as they steamroller on into a thunderous ‘Hellfire’ the conclusion of which sees him leap high from the drumriser in classic rock god style: they’ve clearly been taking notes during their US jaunt with the Crüe.

It’s a set packed with future classics from the saucy ‘Blonde, Bad and Beautiful’ to the fist pumping stomp of ‘No Way But The Hard Way’, and the band’s relentless energy sweeps the crowd into a perpetual beer fuelled frenzy. They depart leaving clear orders to ‘Stand Up For Rock N Roll’ and Bristol doesn’t let them down.

(Words & Photos: Steve Burnett)

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