10 Minutes With My Dad - Buffalo Bar

Somewhere in the space between chaos, art and music you might just find 'Ten Minutes With My Dad'. You might, that is, it's by no means a certainty. Look to the right - No Image Available. That's just rude of us, isn't it? It's doubtful a mere image could do justice to this terrible twosome, anyway, so you'll just have to take our words for it. We might just try and steal one from somewhere soon, though, but until then just imagine. Picture two skinny rock chicks in fishnets, denim and headbands and with a badass attitude turned to 11. 'Ten Minutes...' are quite possibly one of the greatest spectacles you'll ever see live.

It's a female twosome that have sprung from somewhere deep inside Nikki Sixx's most drug fueled nightmares, though it's doubtful that even that cock-rock legend could have dreamt this pair up. Almost identical, with big, dirty hair and not that many clothes, 'Ten Minutes..' take to an empty stage and cause absolute mayhem. It’s empty 'cos these artistes need no instruments to practice their art. It's all heavy rock backing tapes and beats as these two hellions fight and scream at each other and you. With lyrics that extol the joys of heavy metal and sex with their father (?) these two cock-rock chicks from hell invite you, the hapless audience, to watch as they cavort and career around the stage, fighting each other and tearing each others clothes off as they do so. On stage and spilling into the crowd, it's a blur of discarded clothes, legs and hair. It's violence, art, sex and music all in the same place for a change. The songs are loud, raucus and quite deranged. It's brilliant.

As you might expect, this does not last all that long. You've got about ten or fifteen minutes before the chaos ends and this pair of jokers leave the stage with less clothes and the undivided attention of everyone in the room. See, this is what makes them great. You have absolutely no idea how your supposed to react to this mess on four legs. People are embarrassed, confused and bemused in equal measures but everyone is smiling. 'Ten Minutes...' leave you slightly shell shocked. It's quite possible that these are ahead of their time. This is everything Peaches, in her wildest fantasies, would like to be; edgy, futuristic, violent and, lets not forget, great fun which is, of course, what live music should be. These are fast becoming one of the 'must see' live shows at the moment and once you've seen them, you'll never forget them.

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