"You only get to make your debut album once and we made sure we were ready" - In Conversation with Acres

Here at Music @ The Digital Fix we love interviewing the big bands touring the world but every big band started as small and we are all looking for stand out new music. On that note, welcome Theo and Ben from Post-Hardcore outfit Acres who we spoke to a few months ago.

Over the last few years, you've released a few EP's and your debut album Lonely World is now out in the world. Was releasing EP's then an album a way to 'road test' the material to see what fit on the album?

Theo - I think it was more a case of line up changes and making sure we had the sound down for what we wanted Acres to be so we were indeed testing out the material and making sure we were a well-oiled machine before we committed to a full-length record. When we started to write it we knew what we wanted out of it lyrically and musically. Everything translates better on the album because we had those EPs first.

Ben - it was really important to us that we understood you only get to do your debut album once so doing those EP's were vital to the band.

What did you learn from the EP's that you took into the album process?

Theo - I think the main thing was over the last few songs in the run-up to writing the album we realised the songs we were happy with and liked the best were when we gave Ben free reign in terms of his vocals. Singing was at the forefront with the instruments supporting the vocals and not overcrowding. There was a lot more shouting originally which meant the instruments had to have the melody and then Ben joined and it all fell into place. We found this whole new instrument in Ben's voice. Putting that at the forefront was the lynchpin.

What were your inspirations for the record?

Ben - there are so many inspirations. Theo writes the instrumental demos. We all listen to varied music across genres.

I hear a lot of Deftones in the Lonely World song.

Theo - Yeah that was a touchpoint but for this new one, it was less taking inspiration from bands as a whole but taking the best bits of what they do and using that that within our own sound.

Ben - The Used is another one we get compared with. I'm a big pop rock fan as well so I was always looking for the big chorus and melodies.

The title Lonely World is quite telling in this world of social media but also people opening up about mental health struggles, how did the title come to you?

Ben - When I was writing the lyrics to each song, I wanted each song to tell it's own individual story. There also has to be honesty there as well so people can relate to it. Lonely World sums it up.

Theo - The album is self-reflective also, Ben talks about the world being a lonely place. I was talking to someone the other day and they said the lyrics are quite prescient in our ways of communicating through our phones instead of face to face.

What do you hope this album does for the band?

Ben - I think as long as people give a shit and care we'll keep going. As long as the support is there, it'll keep us on the road as with anything. Support the support and invest in new music, buy the merch and tickets, it really helps.

Acres are about to head out on tour with support from Parting Gift, Captives and Tripsitter. Tickets can be bought here.

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