"You could stop by the gas station for a snack, but your best bet would be getting invited over to the neighbors house for dinner" My hometown: The Jensen Sisters

In the latest in our series about artists hometowns we speak to The Jensen Sisters, one of country music's hidden gems. They released their debut record, Yellow Frames, in 2020. We spoke to them about Goodridge, Minnesota.

Where is your hometown?

We’re from a little town called Goodridge, Minnesota (population 132). It's tucked up in the North West corner of the state.

What’s the best thing about Goodridge?

The people! Small towns really are like families. When it comes down to it, they would help anyone who needs it. 

What’s the worst thing about it?

In a small community it's easy to feel isolated at times. The older we get though, the more we appreciate down time at home.

What’s the strangest fact you know about your hometown?

The thing about living in a rural part of America is that you get to claim the whole region. There's a town 20 miles outside of Goodridge called Thief River Falls, Minnesota. It's where we do our shopping, dining, etc. The strangest fact about the region is that it's known as the most Norweigian area of the country.  

Who’s the most famous person from Goodridge?

Probably whoever scored the winning touchdown at the latest high school football game.  

What’s the country music scene like in your hometown?

You might be surprised to hear northern folks love country music! We always say the genre is for rural people, no matter what part of the nation you’re from.

What’s the town most famous for?

Thief River Falls is known as the home of Arctic Cat Snowmobiles. During the winter time you’ll see lots of Goodridge folks riding around on “sno-cats” as we call them.

Where’s the best place to eat?

Well there aren't too many options for a bite to eat in Goodridge. You could stop by the gas station for a snack, but your best bet would be getting invited over to the neighbors house for dinner.

Where’s the best place to grab a coffee?

You could stop into the Goodridge Cafe for a cup of coffee, you’ll get to make some small talk with the local farmers too!

Where’s the best place to have a great beer / glass of wine / cocktail?

The Goodridge Municipal Liquor Store. It's probably the most popular establishment in Goodridge.

Where’s the place to go when you want to have fun?

In a small community you have to make your own entertainment. Start driving down any backroad on a Friday or Saturday night and we’re sure you’ll end up somewhere fun.

Where’s the place to go when you want some peace and quiet?

Goodridge is where you go to get some peace and quiet, hah!

What’s the single best reason to visit?

There are so many reasons to visit! The people, the peace and quiet, nature, etc. When we’re out playing shows  2-3 weeks  at a time, there's nothing better than coming home. We love our home town!

You can find out more about the band on their official website, or you can check out what they're up to on Twitter or Instagram.

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