Wilder interview

Recently signed to Rough Trade are Bristol's Wilder - an electro-punk four piece who are setting a course to soundtrack your summer.


Hey Wilder, thanks for chatting to us today. How's it going?

It's just another shitty day in paradise.

There’s a song in there somewhere - So who are you lot and what sort of noise do you make?

We are Bec (drums), Joe (Bass and vox), Jay (synths and treatments), and Sam (vox and guitar). We make a joyful noise. It's physical, it's digital. It's deep.

How did you all meet?

We were brought together by a mysterious figure. We were all told to meet at a certain place on a certain date at a certain time by text. When we got there the mysterious figure was nowhere to be found but a small envelope was on the ground. We opened it and it had a prediction on it like a fortune cookie. We can't tell you what it said but it was good.

That's when Wilder was born. Then we found we played instruments and wanted to be in a band. It was obvious what we should do next. So we went to the pub to celebrate.

Did you find you had a common band you all loved or do you fight over what is played on the stereo?

We have a couple of bands we all love like Talking Heads, Friendly Fires, Bowie and The Beatles. But mostly we all have different influences and are in love with different styles. We don't feel the need to all come from the same place. It feels a bit old fashioned when there is so much to get into out there. We are the only band who would ever split up because of musical similarities not differences.

What were your earliest musical influences and do any of them still inform what you do today?

Proper punk Rock, Grunge, Classical, Pop. Steal, borrow and rebuild what's been and gone into something new. There's no mystery to it. That's evolution for you. There are hints of the past in everything. We are everything that we have done before. That's us getting all deep again isn't it?

We can do deep. Your name comes from Billy Wilder (40's film noir chap) and Wilder (a Super-God Masterforce transformer (I had to look that one up)) - an interesting juxtaposition of references. How did you chose this moniker?

We didn’t choose the name, the name chose us. It has been wandering the earth for years looking for a band to inhabit and it chose us. We are all its disciples now. Billy Wilder, Masteforce Wilder, Gene Wilder of the Charlie and the Chocolate factory fame, Wilder Street in Bristol BS1 have all been visited by the Wilder spirit. Now it’s our turn.

You supported Julian Casablancas recently, did he offer you any sagely advice or anything from his rider?

He offered us neither because he was too busy being cool. He was a master at work. He wears shades on stage.

Looking on your myspace page your fans are calling out for you to get twitter - are you going to oblige?

We just got twitter and we're going to start tweeting just as soon as we get some money for the internet and the app onto our phones. Promise.

Which is more wild - Oscar Wilde after dropping an iron on his foot or lots of spoilt American girls on spring break driving in an open top vehicle whilst screaming?

Put your hands together! Oscar is the boss. Spring break? Is this for America?

No – but it’s a known fact that Spring Break is when girls go wild

We happen to like spoilt American girls on spring break. Oscar's proclivities lay elsewhere! Dandys and fops on spring break. Now that could be a new video concept. Loads of topless pale, stringy white young men playing volley ball and looking longingly at each other.

If that’s in your next video I want a part! Thanks for your time today. How does the rest of 2010 look for you?

2020 Peachy all the way. We start recording the album in a week, then as many festivals as we can get, then we crash land for Christmas then.........out into the great wild yonder.

With that I clear my internet history (so my other half doesn't see I've been researching transformers (again)) and decide to start growing my fringe in case I'm needed in their Fops Go Wild video.

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