Who is Sophie Madeleine?

Sophie Madeleine hails from Brighton and has been self-releasing music over the last few years. Her second full album is due for release soon and will be the first to be released via a label. She kindly found time to talk to Colin about her music and influence and tells us exactly why we should all be picking up her album when it hits the shelves...

TMF: There are going to be many TMF readers who ask 'Who is Sophie Madeleine?'

A creator of sweet, uplifting music.

TMF: You're from Brighton - do you find your home town influences your sound?

I suppose it probably does in quite a subtle way. I've never felt as though it has noticeably, seeing as I've moved around and traveled quite a bit and still managed to create the same kind of music. But Brighton is a very arts-orientated city. There are a lot of creative people, and lots of great new music comes through here. So it keeps me motivated, at the very least.

TMF: You've been compared to the likes of Aimee Mann - do you find comparisons with established artists help or hinder?

It's almost impossible to find music that is 100% original, so there's no escaping comparisons. But they're generally helpful, in my case. I have to be realistic - I need people to make comparisons so that more listeners are drawn to my music. An instance in which comparisons would hinder me is if I sounded exactly like somebody else. But, luckily, I don't think I do! Aimee Mann is certainly an early influence of mine, so I don't mind being compared to her at all. But I'm not sure it would be an accurate comparison these days - my lyrics aren't as dark and mysterious as hers.


TMF: With your first album via a label due soon, what has been the most challenging hurdle you've had to overcome to get this far?

It's actually my second album - I've been self-releasing music on a small scale for a few years now. But this will be the first time I'm actually working with a label (XtraMile) on a release. And the most challenging hurdle has been finding the right label and team to work with. Over the years I've had a lot of industry professionals call me in for meetings, but they weren't interested in what I actually wanted to do and they didn't understand what I was about. So I took it into my own hands and made the album that I wanted to make. I paid for the mixing/mastering/manufacturing with help from my fans (through a project with PledgeMusic), and then luckily found a nice team of people who really believed in what I'd created in order to give it the push it needs.

TMF: We hear you're something of a multi-talented instrumentalist! What would you say is your favourite?

It changes daily. I suppose the ukulele has been a favourite for a while now. But I still go back to the guitar every so often, especially with Nashville tuning, I enjoy that a lot. I also like putting stylophone pads in my recordings, just as a texture, it's verging on an addiction, but it's not the most interesting instrument to play. I've just started learning the violin too, and there are still so many instruments I want to acquire and learn, so it's likely to change!

TMF: If we were to steal your [insert generic music player here] which would be the three most played tracks?

'Don't Think Twice It's All Right' - Bob Dylan, 'Ce Petit Coeur' - Francoise Hardy, 'Western Hospitality' - Club 8

The first two are definitely in my top 5 most favourite songs of all time list. The third is a track I like to wake up to in the morning.

TMF: And which would be the least played?!

'Telephone' - Lady Gaga featuring Beyonce. I had to learn it for a one-off gig at a conference, which is why it's on there. I really don't like Gaga. Although, I do have a lot of respect for Beyonce.

TMF: What are your plans post-album-release?

America, America, and America. I've been over there few times and I love the live scene - everybody seems so positive. So I'd like to tour the US a bit and release the album there too.


TMF: In less than 150 words, why should TMF readers go out and order your album today?

They should buy it because it’s good, honest music. Every track is uplifting in its own way, and I created it solely for the purpose of making other people happy. Created independently, finished exactly as I intended, without any manipulation from record industry executives.

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