What's Shores is mine: TMF meets Shores

Shores don't rock. Well, they do, but theirs is a gentler take on what the kids like to call rock 'n roll. Think Red House Painters or Codeine. Maybe Low. But not Slayer - Slayer would be way off. Shores are for the couch, the rocking chair. Porch music. Which in the UK probably means taking your iPod down to the bottom of the garden and seeking sanctuary in the shed. Just find somewhere quiet and let yourself get wrapped up in their warmth.

They have a new album about to drop via No Idea Records, a place previously known for young men shouting. Shores don't shout. We spoke with Brian Przybylski (guitar, vocals, bass). John Massel drums. If he was around in the background he was keeping it very low key - which is the Shores way.

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Hey guys! Welcome to The Music Fix. For the benefit of our readers who don't know much about Shores, give us the lowdown on who you are and what it is you do.

Why, thank you for having us! We make sad and slow songs. It used to be just John and I, but we've made things real and added our old like-minded pals Billy and Sean to the fold. Now we seem to make sadder and louder slow songs. We write a lot. We occasionally pile into our van Lucy and play shows with our friends and their great bands, in between stops for milkshakes.

Buried deep in the recesses of your mind, there must be a memory of a moment when you thought 'It would probably be cool to make music / play in a band.' Can you remember when that was - and what inspired that thought?

While I can't pinpoint it exactly, I'm willing to guess it had something to do with the show 120 minutes and MTV/alternative radio in general. The whole Nirvana thing happened just as we were of the age when you start listening to your own music. Until college, none of my friends growing up were really into music as heavily as I was, and my dad always made the joke about how the only way he knew how to play music was by turning the volume knob up. I quit baseball, mowed neighborhood lawns until I could afford a Harmony guitar out of a Sears catalogue, then spent the rest of the summer trying to figure it out. The self-titled Foo Fighters record was a pretty big deal for me, in wanting to be a guitar player.

Conversely, has there ever been a moment when you thought playing in a band was a bad idea?

This notion is what started Shores in the first place. Schedules, attitudes, lack of communication - a band can very quickly turn into the worst girlfriend you've ever had. Prior to starting this with John, and strictly as a "studio project," I was juggling a handful of bands at once, and abruptly ducked out of all of them, just to get away from it for a while, and ended up writing Coup de Grace.

TMF has tickets (with your name on!) for a pretty long stay on a desert island. What kind of things would you take with you?

An abundance of booze, Gatorade, cigarettes, tacos, baseball gloves, guitars, and a gun with four bullets.

Tell us a little about the process of recording your new album. Was it a project you were working towards, or did you realise 'Hey, we've got enough new material for an album!'

They're always realized/planned. Coup de Grace was nearly conceptual and written to be exactly as it turned out. To Volstead was more like a batch of songs that we had been working on as soon as we finished Coup ... but we knew what we were gunning for, and saw the record coming together before we finished the writing process. The third album is back to the debut mentality, and is all written and planned and ready to go.

Those guys over at No Idea seem incredibly hot. Is there anyone you would particularly want to wrestle? (You can tell us in confidence). Also, are there any No Idea refridgerator secrets?

We'd definitely wrestle Tony for not hanging out with us on the porch last year after Fest. How hard can booking 250 bands over ten venues be, seriously? (laughs). Sean more or less did wrestle Replay, I think ... or carry, whatever you want to call it.

In my head, the No Idea refrigerator, like everything in the No Idea kitchen, is full of coffee cups. It did provide a good number of heavies for us and Var on our last visit though. We probably owe someone for those. We probably owe all of them everything. We don't get to see them ever, so most of our wrestling is cyber-like.

I have no idea what 'heavies' are. Is it like a veggie hot dog? Do you have plans to take the new material on the road? What about Europe? (We need your fine American dollars right about now.)

We're going to do everything we possibly can, which likely won't be as much as we'd like. We haven't been able to do much outside of the midwest/northeast of the U.S., but hope to at some point soon. We're scheming. We are also in need of fine American dollars.

Lastly, let's say there's this guy. Maybe he writes for an online music site. He's got a big crush on his office supervisor but he doesn't know how to tell her. What would you suggest? A carefully worded email? Roses? Or should he just wipe the company database, burst into tears and fall into her ample chest?

Whilst shores neither condones or suggests office romance of any sort, I'm pretty sure it's got to be "his" best mixtape. "He" should save the tears and falling for whatever happens as a result.

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Visit Shores on their Tumblr page: http://shoressite.tumblr.com/

Visit No Idea Records for the purchase thereof: http://www.noidearecords.com/

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