"We're here to take the UK by storm" In Conversation with Mountains To Move

Here at Music @ The Digital Fix we've had chats with some pretty high profile musicians from all walks of life over the years but we are also about fostering a connection with up and coming bands. On that note, we had the chance to chat with the band dubbed 'your girlfriend's favourite boy band' pop-punkers Mountains To Move from the land of chocolatey goodness, Belgium.

How are you guys today?

We're doing good actually. Things are going great and we're happy to answer these questions for you guys! 

Let’s start at the beginning, how did you guys meet?

Mountains To Move started around four years ago. We were just four kids with the same interest in bands, going to the same shows and just wanted to do the same thing our heroes at that time were doing. We all were terrible at our instruments, but kept pushing through. 

Who are your musical influences?

At the time we started this band, most of us were still into pop punk, with influences such as The Story So Far, Such Gold, Crucial Dudes, but we quickly found out we weren't that good musicians at that time to play pop-punk. We also started listening to more emo sounding bands that experimented with clean guitars and pedals, which is something we were fascinated by. Seahaven was one of those bands that influenced us greatly, but also bands such as Brand New or Grandview. The thing is, we get influenced by tons of different genres both musically and lyrically, because we don't like to be categorized into one genre.    

What's the Belgian music scene like and is it difficult to break away from the country's scene to get your music into other places?

Over the years we played lots of cool shows and support slots for bands we looked up to, such as Tigers Jaw, The Front Bottoms, Lower Than Atlantis, Trophy Eyes... All those shows were insane, just the idea of sharing the stage with a band that you've been listening to for years. The music scene in Belgium is okay, I kinda have the feeling it used to be better when I was younger, but I just guess that's part of growing older. It's hard as a non-native English speaking band to get noticed by the rest of the world, so that's why we're gradually trying to expand our reach towards other countries such as the UK or Germany. 

How was touring with the likes of LTA, Young Guns and Deaf Havana?

Man I wish haha! We actually just played cool support slots in Belgium for those bands, so, unfortunately, we didn't tour with them. I wish I could have said we did, though. Playing shows with bands like these is insane. The crowds are much more responsive and way more interested in you as a band afterwards, which was very heartwarming. LTA has been one of my all-time favourite bands ever since Far Q came out, and their gradual change in sound over the years and overall songwriting is something we absolutely look up to. 

Who do you want to tour with next?

I mean we probably take every opportunity we get for touring, but we'd love to go on tour with all those bands we look up to, but we would also love touring with bands from different genres in order to win over people that wouldn't listen to us in the first place. I personally would love to go on tour with Counterparts or nothing,nowhere. One day. 

Any plans for UK domination?

Like I said, if there's an opportunity we would probably take it! Logistically it's rather difficult to get over there, to combine all our schedules and make it financially interesting as well! But if we do come over, we definitely won't forget about Wales, Scotland or Ireland! 

You have your new single ‘Left or Right’, What was its creation like?

For 'Left or Right' we sat together with a producer/friend of ours to work on the song structure and overall sound of the instruments. This felt very weird at first, someone taking over a process that I initially had other plans for, but we're satisfied we did so, because we couldn't be more happy with how the song turned out. A perfect mixture of that classic MTM sound combined with an overall catchy riff and chorus.

Whats the question we should have asked you today but haven’t?

What's your favourite movie and why is it the whole Lord of the Rings trilogy?

To find out more about Mountains To Move you can give them a like on their Facebook  or a follow on their Twitter . Their music is sold from all good stockists worldwide.

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