Welcome to our third annual women in country & Americana month

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You might know the drill by now, if not here it is. We spend one month each year celebrating the fantastic music that comes from women in the country and Americana genres. We’re stretching our wings a little this year, moving further than just the artists who perform the songs. We’ve got songwriters, PR people, industry figures, and lots more.

In terms of the artists, we’ve established and new, big and small, and everything in-between. We’ve tried to cover the many sounds and sub-genres that form the rich breadth that is country & Americana.

Who have we got for you to hear from, well it’s a long list, a talented list, and a list of the most important people in country & Americana now and in the next few years. With more to come, confirmed and ready to go so far are:

Abby Anderson
Alex Hannaby
Anna Vaus
Becky Warren
Betsy Phillips
Bri Bagwell
Carly Pearce
Caroline Jones

Carsie Blanton
Carson McHone
Cassadee Pope
Charlie Marie
Chastity Brown
Clara Baker
Danielle Bradbury

Gill Tee from Black Deer Festival
Eilen Jewel
Elise Davis
Emily Scott Robinson

Emily Hackett
Hailey Whitters
Her Crooked Heart
Jenny Tolman
Jess Jocoy
Kaia Kater
Kassi Ashton

Kayla Ray
Kelsey Lamb

Kirstie Kraus
Lainey Wilson
Laura Veltz
Lauren Jenkins

Leah Turner
Leslie Fram
Letitia VanSant
Leyla McCalla
Liz Rose
Logan Brill

Lori McKenna
Megan O’Neill
Rising Appalachia
Sierra Hull

Sophia Scott
Sunny War

Tanya Trotter from The War and Treaty
Tara & Chess from The Wandering Hearts

Max Mazonowicz

Updated: May 01, 2019

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