"We tell our audience to be honest with themselves" In Conversation with Blood Youth

From the ashes of hardcore band Climates came, phoenix-like, Harrogate band Blood Youth. A band that Wikipedia describes as melodic hardcore, hardcore punk, post-hardcore and punk rock; quite the melting pot of influences right there. M@TDF were able to sit down with vocalist Kaya Tarsus, guitarist Chris Pritchard, and drummer Sam Hallett to find out how 2017 treat them and what lays ahead for the band.

In terms of the Blood Youth sound, how would you describe it to someone who hasn't heard it before?

Heavy positive aggression.

Does that come across in your lyrics, as a lot of the scenes typical lyrics can be very negative?

If you look and listen to our lyrics it can come across as very sad but if you dive into them a little bit more it's actually about overcoming life's pressures. I actually mention that on stage. I tell people to break up with partners if they are unhappy. It's all about overcoming and moving forward and that's what we have always been like as a band. It seems negative, song-wise, "oh I am so depressed" but there is a positive underlying message.

Wikipedia has you under seven genres of music. What genre are you?

Yeah it truly is ridiculous in terms of where we fit. I've seen the page you refer to, like 'UK hardcore, pop punk' it's like "shut the fuck up and let us be who we are and stop putting us into boxes". It's just heavy music and that's it.

Since forming in 2014, you've had a steady release schedule of an EP a year and now your debut album Beyond Repair. Do you feel in that short space of time you have developed your sound?

Absolutely, 100%. The more shows we play it opens our eyes up to our fan base and the social interaction online, that's pretty cool. The best example is at Download Festival, the tent we played in in 2015 was much smaller than the one we played this year. It's mad.

When you went into recording the debut album what was your mindset around that time?

We just wanted to record a heavy album, we didn't want to put out something with too much complication. A lot of people expected us to put out a melodic record after Closure, but we were like "Nope, we're keeping it heavy!". It was a full-on assault, it's ten tracks and into the record and out of it. There are typical Blood Youth tracks in there but also experimental stuff, like 'Pulling Teeth' and 'What I'm Running From' which are new to our repertoire. The way the songs are structured are very different for us but the album came out exactly as we envisioned it.

Who were your influences for the album and as a band?

Slipknot, Every Time I Die, we have a lot of influences. We keep getting compared to Beartooth, sometimes negatively. They are a great band and our friends but some sources feel we are too close in sound but we are like "whatever" and just get on with it. But lots of influences, Korn, Deftones, who are now becoming the heritage bands of our scene they have been around so long. You have to have an open mind when you are in this band.

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