"We needed this band for our own sanity" - In Conversation with Tronos

Being in one of the biggest and most influential bands in extreme music can scratch the itch of creativity an artist can get from time to time but Shane Embury of legends Napalm Death wanted another avenue to express his creativity. Step forward Tronos, a power trio consisting of members of Megadeth in drummer Dirk Verbeuren and Napalm Death producer Russ Russell. We spoke to Shane to find out all about the project.

You all come highly respected bands. How did this project come together?

The nucleus of Tronos I guess was originally me, Shane and Russ Russell, the music we wanted to create was a series of many discussions over many years before we actually started composing. Once we had laid down riffs as a blueprint we asked Dirk Vebeuren if he would like to participate. I feel the songs were truly born or they evolved once he joined. Since we both played guitar we asked our friends if they would like to add their personal touches on bass and such and they agreed which added some nice dynamics to the feel of the album.

How did the name Tronos come to be?

I came about the name Tronos as its Spanish for thrones I liked the sound of it and its kind of abstract also which suits the music.

What do you individually get out of the project artistically, that you may not get out of your other bands?

Speaking for myself I suppose freedom to go in whichever direction we see fit, it's quite liberating as we love all different forms of music and with Tronos there really isn’t any barriers but again this album was a lot of fun and I know Russ would agree that we really needed this for our sanity I guess.

Are you hoping to tour the record?

I hope we can play special shows from time to time should the interest be there, it would be a challenge!

You have a number of guess Bass players across the record. What drew you to using these particular artists?

They were all very good friends of ours and we felt they could add something to the music that we couldn’t something unexpected.

You recently released an intense, atmospheric video for single ‘Judas Cradle’. How was that collaboration?

We started filming that video last year and it was continued earlier this year By Khaled lowe and Sam Edwards - great people who totally got where we were coming from and again very liberating to have your vision interpreted on film we think it came out great.

Did the visuals for the video match what you had in your head or were you surprised by what was produced?

It’s always hard to nail everything that you envision but the guys did a rather amazing job of capturing the atmosphere of the song and also the narrative was very concise and that’s hard to do in videos I feel to keep that in focus

You cover ‘Johnny Blade’ by the mighty Black Sabbath. What drew you to this song, fed up of bands covering their more well-known songs or is it a favourite of the band?

I feel covering well known song is boring this was always one of the songs I had wanted to do since I was a kid and Russ nailed the guitars amazingly and Snake’s vocals are spot on, I was definitely happy as hell with this cover!

For further information on all things Tronos head on over to their Facebook. Their new album Celestial Mechanics is out this Friday from everywhere music is sold.

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