"We nearly got electrocuted at our first festival appearance a few years back" - In Conversation with Anchor Lane

Glasgow heavy rock band Anchor Lane have become a regular fixture on the Scottish music scene.  Taking influence from rock greats such as Queen, Blackstone Cherry, Alter Bridge, Rival Sons and Foo Fighters, their innovative blend of gritty modern rock has had them gaining fans and winning over critics with their energetic live shows.

The four-piece recently released their stunning debut EP New Beginning, highlighting the band as skilled songwriters with a talent for writing powerful riffs. The EP’s standout track ‘Finished For Twelve’ quickly became a fan favourite and was chosen as the band’s first single release.

To date Anchor Lane have played shows with legendary artists such as Manny Charlton of Nazareth and Europe’s Kee Marcello as well as supporting the likes of Warrior Soul and Raven Eye among others.

Anchor Lane have rapidly grown in stature and reputation, building momentum and picking up rave reviews. They were included in Scottish Sun columnist Jim Gellatly’s ‘Ones To Watch’ and in March 2018 were the featured band in national newspaper Scotland On Sunday’s ‘Under The Radar’ column.

2018 is shaping up to be a very exciting year for Anchor Lane with their debut album in the works as well as a host of live shows booked throughout the country. The band recently announced that they would be playing at some of the UK’s most exciting and prestigious festivals in 2018 including Isle Of Wight, Stone Free and Hard Rock Hell XII, The Digital Fix' rock guru, Craig, chatted to the band at this year's Download Festival.

How's your Download festival going so far?

Good, we came here in 2015 where it rained for a day solid, where everyone was trudging through the mud to see Muse on the Saturday night, there was people sliding down the hill and all of that. It was unbelievable!

How did Anchor Lane form?

We met in college, me and Jack have known each other all our lives and then went to the Academy of Music and Sound in Glasgow. We met Matthew and Scott there as well and we started.

Is there a strong Rock scene in Scotland?

Yeah there are loads of great bands coming through right now.

Is it competitive?

Yeah it can be, there are so many bands. You are all close with them because you all go to the same gigs or go together in fact.

Yeah, there are only so many venues you can all fit into.

It does become that way, looking over your shoulder at what other bands are doing. There is always an element of jealousy but you also want them to do well as well.

That competitiveness must bring out the best in all of the bands.

Yeah it makes us up our game for sure.

You recently released your debut EP 'New Beginning'. Talk to me about its creation.

It was the accumulation of all the songs we had when we first started. Two of the songs had already been written prior to Matthew and Scott joining the band. We had two members before then, but when they came on board new ideas started happening. We started jamming as a band more and developing our sound more. We all have different influences and our EP is a statement of that. The first half was written before we got with Matthew and Scott and the second was when we were a whole band.

What are your influences?

We all have some crossover from the Classic Rock world like Pink Floyd and The Doors.

The first single is 'Finished For 12', was that because it's a fan favourite?

As soon as we wrote it, it was siting that way. We had three songs written already, and it was kind of unanimous that that was the first single. It's a feel good song. Quite a few songs on the EP are not so much negative but angry in tone. 'Finish For Twelve' is about not being stuck in the office all day but enjoying your life more. We think it's a relatable song for pretty much everyone!

You are playing Isle of Wight,Stone Free, Hard Rock Hell, do you enjoy the festival circuit?

We love playing live full stop. It's why we started playing music, there's definitely a different vibe to festivals, a lot more laid back. You have more of a chance of someone accidently discovering you as well.

What's your best festival experience?

It has to be Download though, everyone here is here for a good time. There's no hassle, it's very easy going. You see these big scary guys walking about but they couldn't be easier to talk to, there's a lot of smiles about.

What's your worst festival experience?

One of our first experiences as a band at a festival is one we nearly played at. We came on stage, it was a rugby club event where I used to play in Coatbridge. It was a fundraising festival, but it was raining hard, and the cover for the roof was too short so everything was breaking, Jack's guitar stopped working. The sound guys were like "can you check your mic please?" and I was like "no way! I'm going to get shocked if I touch this mic!" So we walked off like diva's! (laughs)

What's next for Anchor Lane?

More festivals and we are going to attack the studio at some point.

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