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After producing some mind-blowing singles and contributing to the always fantastic Kitsune Maison compilations We Have Band have become firm favourites at TMF towers. We sent Adrian Mules out to find them on their European tour and see what they were up to.

Hello We Have Band! Thanks for chatting to us at The Music Fix. Could you introduce yourselves for our readers?

Hello! We are Thomas WP, Dede WP and Darren Bancroft

At one point there must have been We Haven’t Band. How did you all meet?

Well, Thomas and Dede are married to each other and we've all been friends for a while. We used to meet up and have dinner and drinks together and then one night we did a song. We were very surprised by how much we liked it and so we kept going and wrote some more and then it snowballed from there. It was a bit odd to be honest because we never had any plans for where we are now. We just wrote songs for six months before we even thought about playing live. It was a very happy accident that has turned into a something very serious.

Is there a band or artist you all agree upon being great?

LCD Soundsystem!

Is there an album in the pipeline?

There is indeed. We've finished it and it will be out at the beginning of next year.

Excellent news! I heard the ‘You Came Out’ demo last year and loved the production. I was so glad you didn’t change it for the single release. It sounds unlike anything else, so how was it recorded?

In the bedroom at Thomas and Dede's house. Dede did it in one take and we loved it and that was it. We actually just finished the album version of it and we had a discussion with Gareth Jones who was co-producing about whether we should re-record it or not. We had a little try, but it wasn't the same so it it will sound very similar on the album too. We re-worked a lot of songs but that one didn't make sense to do again and we're really happy about that.

At the start of ‘You Came Out’ I can hear someone saying “remember elephants”. What did you have to remember about elephants?

Ah ha! Well, this is a thing that we used to say to each other in the very beginning. We had a rule that at any time someone could make a musical suggestion, however crazy it was and we would try it out. Then if it worked it would stay and if not, it goes. So someone might say we need the sound of an elephant walking on rose petals and if they really felt it was needed then we'd try it. No one did ever suggest that though, it was just an example! Actually that talking is the only thing that has gone from the album version because we wanted it to be something special that was on the single only. There were only 300 vinyl copies of it.

We Have Band - You Came Out (Official Music Video) from We Have Band on Vimeo.

Who in the band has the most annoying habits?

We all have our share of eccentricities but we're very tolerant of each other. You have to be with the amount of time that we spend together!

Your track on the Kitsune Maison 7 ‘Time After Time’ has vocals in what I believe are Russian. Do you speak Russian and what do the lyrics mean?

We've played in Moscow twice and St Petersburg once this year so we're actually learning a very little bit, but generally no, we don't speak Russian. The person speaking is Yulia WP who is Thomas' brother's wife. We had dinner with them one night while we were writing the song and we asked her to do something on the track. It's part Russian poetry and Yulia's freestyling. Thomas we chopped it up an moved it around a bit so it might make no sense now!

It works really well. If you were invisible for a day what would you do?

We'd probably pick a long tour travel day and sit in first class. We cant afford to do that normally.

Your ‘West End Girls’ cover is excellent. Any more covers on the way for We Have Band?

Thank you. No more are planned for now. We did that because we were asked to for a compilation and then it worked so well that we started playing it live.

What’s the last great single you heard in your cans?

Micachu & The Shapes - Golden Phone. That was pretty special last year.

Well done! Your legs have been selected for a cybernetic upgrade. Would you rather have wheels, skis or springs?

Thomas - No competition, it has to be springs.
Dede - Do I have 2 or 4 wheels?
Darren - Nobody will want skis, you'd get stuck on gravel.

There are some great video-game-style sounds in your tracks, are any of you keen gamers?

No, actually we're not!

I'll keep these 10p coins then. Let's see how domestic you are: how do you get a red wine stain out of a beige carpet?

Well, we've had to do this a few times so we know! Pour some white wine on it as soon as you can and then scrub it hard.

What’s next for We Have Band?

We're touring lots and lots all over the world and our album will be out in March next year. They'll be a new single or two before then.

We Have Band are currently on tour - you can find out if they are playing near you soon here - http://www.myspace.com/wehaveband

Painting by John Lee Bird

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