"We don't want to be a Metalcore band anymore" In Conversation with Asking Alexandria

After speaking with guitarist Ben Bruce back in December 2017 just before the release of their latest self-titled album, we spoke to drummer James to find out where the band's headspace was six months down the line and where the band are heading next.

How's your Download going so far?

Full on, very busy, had a long signing, there's always a few characters at Download. It's overcast, which is nice, as it has been boiling recently.

I chatted to Ben just before the album came out. How've the last six months been?

Yeah it's been pretty full on, we are on about show number 65 I think at the moment. Really busy, we did the co-headline with Black Veil Brides. Did the festival season in America, now over to Europe, it's all good times!

We all have other things outside of the band though, Ben has kids, a few of us have got married. We are all settling down but we do have to spend time investing in this record as well. We have the luxury of flying the families out to see us which is great.

Do you think the experimentation seen on the self-titled album will continue on the newer material?

We never wrote a song intentionally to include a rapper in Binx, or even an 'Under Denver' style song. We wrote it and then it turned into the hip-hop influences it has and with a fresh outlook with Danny back we just went for it.

Did Danny's love for country colour the record?

No not really, he loves that music and that's great, he warms up his voice to country tunes. When we are in Asking though, the genre we play is what we play and we all understand that. It's different to our earlier metalcore sound but to be honest we don't want to be a metalcore band anymore. We have all grown up and developed our sound.

My favourite track on the new record is 'Vultures' which fits in with your developing sound, talk to me about its creation.

It's a dark song, if you read into the lyrics it's about the industry and how it pecks away at you. The song had been written for quite a while and we just didn't have a place to put it and it felt like a good puzzle piece for this record.

What's the rest of 2018 look like?

We still have a festival run, just announced Godsmack and Shinedown in the States. We are looking early next year to close out the album cycle with some cool stuff, that includes the UK, but I can't mention it yet! (Laughs)

For all things Asking Alexandria look up their website, like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. Asking Alexandria have just released an acoustic version of their hit single 'Alone In A Room' and the video can be seen above.

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