"We didn't want to write songs just to fill out an album" - In Conversation with MSRY

Melodic Hardcore band MSRY straddle both genres with a skill not too far away from the boaters in their home town of Oxford. Craig from Music @ The Digital Fix sat down with Kial from the band to discuss the bands formation and upcoming EP and UK tour.

Introduce MSRY to The Music Fix readers.

We're a little band called MSRY from Oxfordshire, not really the hub of Metal or Hardcore scene, mostly shoegaze or indie around here. We come out of the crevices of our historic buildings every once in a while (laughs).

You've found your niche....

Well we've found something for sure, not sure what it is, but yeah we've found something. We were all in bands around Oxford and bumped into each other. I actually took two years off music as I was suffering from depression and just couldn't handle playing music again. One night our drummer bumped into me at a pool hall and asked me to put a band together and here we are. Pretty simple and boring in our creation. Charlie our guitarist came in about 6 months later after we had written the first EP. We had already recorded it as we knew what we wanted.

You are about to release your new EP on July 6th entitled 'Safety First' which follows on the back of last years self-titled EP. How has the band grown between records?

Our personalities have grown together in the year we have been MSRY but also our musical connection has come on leaps and bounds. So in the live arena when we are jumping around, it still sounds good and we are all playing together.

Would you still say you are trying to find the MSRY sound?

We definitely haven't found our sound yet, I don't think any band will. We are always looking for new sounds and evolving. There are only a few bands who have the lightning in a bottle sound like AC/DC it works for them but it won't work for us.

Being a newer band, I'm interested in your thoughts on the 'Albums vs EPs' debate.

We've always had albums in mind, it's generally a financial or time constraint. We gave ourselves 7 or 8 months before we recorded the first EP so we could become better musicians and at the end of that time we had the songs for the first EP. We didn't want to write songs for the sake of filling out an album. We just wanted to get out what we already had. Shorter bursts of songs work better for us.

You are about to head out on the road to co-headline with MTXS, where do MSRY live, on the road or in the studio?

We can't wait to get back out on the road and are actually hitting up some venues up north we haven't played in a long time. Glasgow for example, Scotland is a great country and we are excited to be going to somewhere other than England.

Do you feel like the live environment is where you learn your craft?

With us we are more about the live environment than the studio environment. We take inspiration from bands like The Chariot and letlive. because when you see them live, you feel their presence, Jason from letlive. is a frontman who lives on the edge and we try to shine like them, climbing up scaffolding and giving it our all.

After the tour what does the next six months look like?

We're  a pretty relaxed band, we don't have any grand plans but we do want to grow as a band and especially go over to Europe, and we do want to start writing in the studio.

For all things MSRY like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. Their new EP 'Safety First' is out on July 6th and are on tour now.

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