“We are right at the peak of our creative process with regards to new music” – In Conversation with Delain

With a sound as grandiose and cinematic as Delains, the European band should really be a lot bigger than they are. Akin to the sounds and scope of giants Evanescence, but a lot more productive, the band have just released an album containing a handful of new songs plus live favourites recorded over the last few years. We sat down with Vocalist Charlotte to discuss the band’s career and their return to the hallowed grounds of Castle Donington.

How wet are you on a scale of 1-10 with today’s lovely weather?

Right now I’d say I’m only a three. It’s pretty good because I just changed after the show and then we stepped off the bus. I’m probably going to be a 7 or an 8 as soon as I step outside again. We brought the sun out for our set as well. It’s always a worry for a band when its bad weather at a show. We are from the Netherlands, we are from the OTHER rainy country!

You’ve played Download in 2016. How was that set for you, any particular memories?

It was kind of a different experience last time as we got to do an acoustic set the day before. So we got to see a little bit more of the festival. It feels a bit more like home. There are many festivals where you only get to see the route from your dressing room to the stage and the bus but here it’s a little different.

You’ve recently released a new EP Hunters Moon which is a mix of new and live tracks. What was the idea behind that?

Well, we started out that we wanted to go back to what we did with our other EPs Interlude and Lunar Prelude because people responded to that very well. Then in 2017 we did A Decade of Delain: Live at Paradiso live DVD and that took two years of my life, we went on tour then so we decided to record a live show in my home town of Utrecht. We were making new material as well so we combined them both together, new material and some live tracks.

Are you hanging around to watch any bands during the day?

We are staying here for a bit, I like to go out and browse around but sometimes it’s not possible. I don’t actually know who is playing around us at the moment but I’m sure I’ll find something.

You have a packed 2019 with festivals and then into a US tour. When’s your next day off?

Tomorrow actually, it’s my husbands birthday!

You’ve just announced a UK tour for next year, do you have an affinity with the UK?

We love the UK and people here were a bit annoyed that when we announced the European tour we didn’t include any UK dates, but people know how the game works, we need to announce it on the biggest stage of them all here at Download Festival!

It’s also announced you’ll have new material around that time, how’s that new material coming along?

We are right at the peak for that at the moment, three-quarters of the songs are written, the orchestration is coming together. Our set up is at home so we don’t record when we are on the road, you’ll just have to wait till 2020!

For further information on Delain head on over to their Facebook, Twitter or official page where tickets for the UK tour can be purchased.


Updated: Jul 15, 2019

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“We are right at the peak of our creative process with regards to new music” – In Conversation with Delain | The Digital Fix