Track-by-Track: Trashcan Sinatras – In The Music

Get in the minds of Trashcan Sinatras as they reveal the stories behind their latest album.

“These are songs of love…various aspects of love…the love of a lifetime, the fleeting love, love as a life force, the beginnings of love, the aftermath of love…”
If you can say one thing confidently about the Trashcan Sinatras, it’s that you would rarely find them in a rush. Since being formed in Irvine, Scotland in 1987, the band have released just five studio albums, the latest of which, In The Music, has been released this week. It’s a refreshing change from the current state of the music industry which seems to force bands to release albums on an almost annual basis, just in order to retain their popularity before being eclipsed by the ‘next big thing’.

In The Music comes five years after the band’s last effort, Weightlifting, and was recorded in New York over the winter of 2007/08. The album is full of the relaxed harmonies that followers of the band have come to expect, along with the added bonus of legendary singer-songwriter Carly Simon‘s guest vocals on track Should I Pray?

Below, the band let us in to the stories and the personal inspirations behind the tracks on In The Music.

“A song about love to start an album about love. Real love is always mutual, comes from a place of security in the giver, and mocks the idea that one is marked out for misery in this world.”

“A love song for the long-term lovers. Mutual attraction still very much in bloom, it’s late at night in their bed and the annoying reading light kept on by one eventually becomes a beacon to draw the two nightbirds together in love.”

“Love is a groove and in the music is where we get magically lost together. Ali Smith [Scottish female poet] is in love and she started this lyric, we are in love so we finished it.”

“The poet Robert Burns walked the woods of Irvine as a young, depressed, insecure man. He even doubted his poetic abilities. His friend and walking companion, sailor Richard Brown, heard him recite and advised him to treasure his gift and go forth…This is a tribute to that fateful walk in the Eglinton Woods.”

“Life has many crossroads. How to pick the right direction? Shall we be rescued from disaster by belief? Shall we put the blame for our shortcomings on circumstance? Shall we learn to forgive ourselves?”

SHOULD I PRAY? (feat. Carly Simon)
“Inspired by the constant examples of youth being corrupted by the aged. Young men and women in this world can throw away their lives and end the lives of others through the tales of the old ones with their agendas. The past betrays the future, the old betray the young. Check the ages of the suicide bombers. This song also refers to the more personal question of faith. For everyone, no matter how strong their faith, that faith has a shadow of doubt.”

“A love song from one artist to another, inspired by the life and work of the late Syd Barrett…His highly individual attitude to song-writing was, it seemed, a reflection of his attitude to life in general. Through dwelling on these things in admiration, this song appeared.”

“A love song inspired by the feeling of waking up next to someone who’ll spend all the day thinking only good things about you, and you know it.”

“A snapshot of peaceful council estate life in Irvine. An epiphany, a realisation that we are all one and that time and love are the constants in our individual lives, as a race we are all responsible for each other and, most importantly, the engine is running smoothly at all times.”

“A joyous hymn to eventually finding the love of one’s life, from an uncynical voice of experience. Informed by the sadness that some of one’s kin are no longer around to see the joy that has joined the clan.”

In The Music is out to buy now.

Ian Sandwell

Updated: Sep 15, 2009

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