TMF meets To Kill A King

To Kill A King are a folk-rock inspired five piece who formed in early 2010. Lead vocalist Ralph Pelleymounter, guitarist Ian Dudfield and bassist Josh Platman met whilst studying at Leeds University and after playing in various bands in and around the north, they moved their music down to London where they were joined by Jon Willoughby (drums) and Ben Jackson (keyboards) making their line up and sound complete.

TMF caught up with Ralph on his recent return from the Green Man festival.

How was Green Man festival?

It was an amazing festival but how interesting I can make my answers to you at this point is debatable!

The name of the band is pretty intriguing, where did you get it from?

It’s from a line in Shakespeare’s Hamlet. I liked the idea of Claudius killing Hamlet by pouring poison into his ear and how I think that relates to music.

You've been described as a folk rock band, a mixture of Mumford & Sons and Arcade Fire. Are they heavy influences for you?

We are big fans of both bands definitely. They are certainly people that we reference ourselves against and whose music has been a great influence on us.

Mumford & Sons' Communion label released your first single "Fictional State", how did your meeting with them come about?

That was really quite exciting for us. We played some gigs at their label night and it all went from there really. I remember turning to Ben and saying “how on earth did this did this come about?!” and Ben turned to me and said "I just don’t know!" it was a funny and surreal moment for us.

Your EP My Crooked Saint has some very narrative and story telling songs on it. What inspires your writing?

I’d say around 50% stories and 50% narratives! Ha! I guess it’s unique observations of life and emotions.

You sometimes cover the Yeah Yeah Yeah's track 'Maps' in your set, which bands and singers do you enjoy listening to?

Well we like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs!

What can we expect from To Kill A King for the rest of the year?

Well I really want to have a wash right now, it’s been three days at the Green Man festival and I feel the need! After that we want to release an E.P, hopefully in October.

To Kill A King will be supporting US indie pop band Wakey Wakey on their UK tour in October. For more details see and the band's Facebook and Twitter pages...

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