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Some of our very favouritest acts here at TMF Towers hail from the scorching hell that is Australia, whether it be proto-punks The Saints or finger-sized pop goddess Kylie Minogue. As such, we're always keen to hear about other acts from the land your parents might call 'Down Under' - especially if they've only got four letters in their name (think ABBA, Toto, ELOo). Pond, therefore, tick many four-sided 2D shapes.

But Pond transcend flat dimensions, travelling instead across multiple plains variously described as 'cosmic' or 'trippy' in the sand-blasted beach buggy we sometimes call psychedelia-infused classic rock. Their new album, Beard, Wives, Denim (note the plural), has been causing all kinds of tectonic action since release. It's boss, man.

Have you heard of the internet? We used it to speak to bassist Nick Allbrook in advance of the band's late Spring, early Summer UK dates.

What's your earliest musical memory?

It's not really a memory, but apparently I sung along to the chorus of 'Everybody's Gonna Be Happy' by The Kinks in my baby seat in the car before I could talk. That's pretty early! God bless Mr. Davies for writing such universally wailable lyrics!

You seem like particularly dapper gentlemen. What are your tips for remaing cool - yet stylish - during a mediocre British summer?

Dapper? Jesus, that's a long shot. I suppose you just...wait a second, British summer? Maybe a long coat and beanie with fingerless gloves? Sorry!

Tell us an interesting fact about Western Australia.

If you travel up to the Kimberly your mind will be irreversibly buggered. Do it and shake yer brain.

I think we've found your MP3 player. Anything on there that shouldn't be?

No, guilty pleasures are no pleasures at all. But I guess I'm not meant to love Kylie or Edith Piaf or Justice, right?

For those yet to discover the wonder that is Beard Wives Denim, what kind of magic is milked from its proud teat?

Whatever magic inspired a party of fiendish imbeciles to write, record, produce, release and perform a full length album. Only some powerful, deep force could pull our lazy hides off the couch.

We actually spend more time thinking about food than music - and it shows. You've opened the fridge and it's empty. Big up the local restaurant or takeaway that saves the day.

Ezy Plus Subiaco is a gastronomic and cultural institution. It provides an unbeatable array of soy crisps and gummy based treats, all at reasonable prices or free if you are the thieving type. It is open 24 hours a day and sells everything from 'fresh' fruit to crack pipes, toothpaste to frozen vegetables. I recommend the Margaret River Ginger Beer with guarana.

You're coming back to the UK during May and June. Is there anything you want gig-goers to bring along to shows? Food perhaps? Or fresh socks?

Oh shit, yes! Good idea, fresh socks and jocks are indispensable. Maybe flashing lights of myriad colour - that will look pretty rad if a bunch of people are holding them up or placing them around the place. Yes, fairy lights, confetti etc...just do our pyrotechnics for us.

Band fight! Who wins?

Cameron is the biggest, but if you gave Joe enough drink he could summon the wrath of the Irish, which is kind of like when Eric Bana turns green in that movie and throws cars through walls. Very dangerous stuff.

Beard, Wives, Denim is out now on Modular. If, like us, you can use the internet, follow Pond via their Twitter page.

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