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Just when you think of calling it a day, another bunch of fresh-faced lads come along and remind you that some spunky, summery indie can cure most ills. We liked Dog Is Dead's debut album All Our Favourite Stories so much we gave it 8/10 in our recent review and normally we only hand them out when there's £500-in-an-envelope involved.

Keen to find out what makes the Nottingham outfit tick, we grabbed erstwhile sax man Trev Cole for a quickie.

Congratulations on your debut album. How does it feel for it to be finally out there?

Radical! It's taken long enough but we couldn't be more excited to have it out there.

For our readers who might not already be stalking you, can you tell us a bit about how you started out?

Me, Rob and Joss all met at school we played in various different bands with one another until we started Dog Is Dead and just kept playing together through college and multiple "gap years", picking up Paul and Harvey on the way.

How different was the process of recording of All Our Favourite Stories to recording the EP 'Your Childhood'?

We had the fantastic opportunity of recording All Our Favourite Stories in some really prestigious studios all over the country. Even though we recorded some tracks in these studios we found ourselves recording the majority of the album in an industrial estate back in Nottingham!

Any lessons learned for you to take onto the 'difficult second album' for when that rolls around?

I don't think we've learnt any lessons to take to the second album. It's going to be interesting setting out writing an album off a completely blank slate rather than creating a body of work pulling in material spanning over five years.

Talk us through the tracklisting, especially the somewhat bold decision to cluster arguably your most recognisable tracks in the middle, instead of in and around the new efforts.

We listed the album in a way that we felt was most sonically pleasing. We didn't want it to feel like the standard imprint of an indie band's debut.

Throughout your burgeoning career, you've signed to Atlantic Records and performed on 'Skins', among others, but what would rank as your highlight to date?

I would say playing Reading festival this year. It was our first time playing at the festival and the crowd reaction was overwhelming!

How are preparations going for your upcoming Oct/Nov UK tour? Any special surprises in store?

Rehearsals are getting intense. As for surprises we can't reveal much but I can tell you there will be plenty of witty back and forth on stage.

Your debut album is on shelves, your tour is over...what does the rest of 2012 hold for Dog Is Dead?

Hopefully more touring! Abroad and in the UK. Also the chance to start writing the next record which we've been itching to do so since we finished AOFS.

For more info on Dog is Dead, visit their website

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