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When you think of Southern America, and I don’t mean the bit below Mexico, I can guarantee that the first image which springs into your head is of a red-faced redneck standing outside his yard holding a 12-bore shotgun in one hand, and a dead squirrel in the other. This impression however couldn’t be further from the truth, in fact, I’d go so far as saying it’s a Carolina (I almost got away with it). After recovering from that appalling link, I can present to you my evidence in the form of the rather polite and charming Mr Chad Wolf, pop-rock’s new saviour, and a man that’s got so much talent you just might have to take a step back and read this article from a distance. I was lucky enough to have a conflab with t’Wolf earlier this week, talking life, Sweden, Hollywood, and of course, music.

Before I continue, it is important to note that Carolina Liar’s front man can chat longer than the talking parrot world champion, not that this is a bad thing of course, but if you do happen to see him on your travels and want to say hello, make sure you’ve got at least a month spare. Now let’s get down to business…

After feeling a little flustered from hearing a surprisingly lovely American accent call me “Ma’am,” I assumed the normal position, phone a la ear, and wondered how Carolina Liar could be defined. “We had a review that came from Rolling Stone last year in the States, and, honestly this is something we’d never say about ourselves, but they compared us to an anthemic version of the Killers meets U2”. Although slightly over the top it still isn’t a half-bad comparison to have, especially for a once-homeless coffee shop guitarist who got his lucky break out of pure, well err, …luck. “I was basically homeless in Los Angeles, and a friend of mine introduced me to Max Martin (all-singing, all-dancing popaholic songwriter/producer for the likes of Britney Spears, Pink and Kelly Clarkson), and we asked if he could help us find a publishing deal, he had us come over to Sweden and put everything together out of Stockholm, and that’s how everything got rolling”. Now, I know what you’re thinking, and no, Carolina Liar sound nothing like ABBA. In fact, the band, consisting of five Swedes and of course, our favourite Southern American (Chad), play effortlessly cool pop-rock, with each guitar swaying you along to the tales of our South-Carolinan’s life. “Everything on the album is based on true stories and experiences, sometimes they’re a couple of stories combined but everything kinda comes from a real perspective of something that’s happened. Little conversations and weird things like that.” It’s these quirky tales accompanied by emotive iambics that get you completely hooked to the album, with each song and each stroke of string lifting you up and down through the peaks and troughs of one man’s journey, a journey that provides both an insight and personal attachment to the most perfect stranger.

It’s no surprise that Chad has all these tales to tell when you delve into his place of a birth, a state that not only is a down-right “crazy place,” where “there’s always crazy redneck things going on” (his words, not mine), but now has a legacy in giving Carolina Liar their name. “I grew up down in the East Coast of the United States, and most of the people who grow up down there are pretty much just story tellers, they’re always telling some sort of crazy stories. I then moved to Los Angeles and I told people about where I grew up, and nobody ever believed me. And this one particular producer I was working for at the time came down one morning and said “you know man, you’re probably one of the biggest liars, I’ve heard so many stories, where are you from again?”, and I said “well, South Carolina”, and at that point he was like “well, why don’t you call yourself ‘South Carolina Liars?’” and we both looked at the same time and said “yeah, why not Carolina Liars” and then it held.” Remember kids, lying is bad. But for Chad, out of these stories has come something deeper, something a little more meaningful than just telling a mere fib or two. “The song always has to come first. Like after we all pass away and there’s nothing left, the thing that could stay is the song or an idea. That’s the most important thing.” So rest assured Carolina Liar are not another one of those bands who sing about eating chips and not changing their jeans for a week. In fact, our Chad is quite a talented and learned songwriter, “I went to music school in Hollywood, and when I got to LA I realised that there were so many fantastic musicians there that I probably wouldn’t be able to make a really good career out of being a guitarist. One of my teachers got me an internship with a song writer named Diane Warren (a very famous and clever lady), and so I immediately started working for her and listening to everything she was doing and trying to understand how to write songs, and that took at least, you know, ten years. I’m still learning everyday how to write better songs and listening so much all the time, so I guess I’m just a story teller all and all [laughs]”. A story teller who can certainly show you what you’re looking for…which brings me quite nicely to whetting your appetite for possibly one of this summer’s most-playlisted tune, ‘Show Me What I’m Looking For’, Carolina Liar’s debut single (out 1st June) straight off their soon-to-be mahoosive album ‘Coming To Terms.’ And, as a little treat (because you deserve it, no really, you do) below you will find a link to a free, yes, free, acoustic version of their poprocktastic track ‘I’m Not Over’. Don’t say we don’t look after you.

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