TMF meets Amanda Mair

She's young, Swedish and releases her great new single 'Doubt' on October 31st. TMF exchanged a quick email with Amanda Mair.

Can you start by telling us about your influences and who you admire, both in the Scandinavian music scene and beyond? Are you a fan of recent female vocalists from your country like Lykke Li and Fever Ray?

Yes, I listen a lot to Lykke Li and I think she is very good! Then I also listen to Bon Iver, Melody Gardot and Kings of Convenience. I do listen to a lot acoustic music.

'Doubt', I think, is a really interesting (and catchy) pop song, with the drumbeat so prominent. Do you contribute ideas towards the production? How do you categorise your music – as pop or something more?

Yes, of course I contribute with ideas to the production. I try to come up with ideas and changes while producing. It is important to me to feel that I can identify myself in the songs. I am happy to be surrounded by wonderful and competent people who could help me with that. I categorise my music as indie pop.

You’re only 16. Can you tell us what you get up to outside making music? Are you still at school? How much of your life is taken up with making music?

Actually I turned 17 in June! I go to a musicians' school in Stockholm, Sweden. I've just finished my first year and now I have two years left until I graduate. Since I go to a musicians' school I’m almost surrounded by music all the time. I think it is important to not forget friends and family so when I’m not in school or working on my music I hang out with my friends and my family.

Can you tell us more about how you were discovered? How did you get on television?

It started when I met Tom Steffensen three years ago when we recorded three covers in his studio here in Stockholm. It was my mom who asked me if I wanted to record a few songs, for fun. Tom had earlier played drums with Johan Angergård in the band Club 8. (Johan is the president of Labrador Records.) Summer 2010, Tom called me and told me he’d played my cover songs for Johan. According to Tom, Johan had said he wanted to hear more from me. Last winter I signed the contract with Labrador Records. That was how it all began! I really have mom to thank!

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