Tips 2013: Findlay / Lowell

Two young artists. Two very different styles. Both exceedingly brilliant.

Mancunian Findlay and Canadian Lowell have both just released their debut material in the UK - the rollickingly good 'Your Sister' in the case of Findlay and the eccentrically delightful If You Can Solve This Jumble mini album in the case of Lowell - and as a result, found themselves immediately at the top of our list of artists we simply must hear more of in 2013, and ones that we think will be heard a lot more of to boot.

Want to find out more? Read on.


Can you tell us about how you got into music?

Because I had no friends.

Who are your influences?

John Cooper Clarke, Velvet Underground and Iggy Pop.

Is your debut double A-side an indication of what we can expect on the debut album? How is the album progressing?

Album is nearly done but its hard for to judge my own music come and see us live and decide.

It's fair to say your recent KOKO performance blew us away, tell us about the a cappella opener 'My Sweetheart'. Is it likely to be a regular opener?

For the time being yes, it's kind of obvious what it's about.

What ranks as your career highlight so far?

Jake Bugg tour and going to New York and playing MEN arena in Manchester, my hometown.

Who will you be watching in 2013?

The Growlers, Deap Vally and La Shark.

What are you hoping 2013 will hold for you?

To tour every day and put records out, vinyl preferably.

Can you tell us about how you got into music?

My parents forced me into piano lessons when I was three. I hated it at the time but now I’m pretty pleased about it.

Who are your influences?

People who make good music: The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Blondie, Animal Collective, Chad VanGaalen, Braids, Johnny Cash, and so on. Apart from that my mood, caffeine and cigarettes are a huge influence. Oh, and Obama. Picasso influenced me to drop out of school...

Is your mini-album an indication of what we can expect on the debut album?

Well, that was a mini album and this is really big... but I guess it's still me so it will have its similarities. Also, more pots and pans. It’s about 10 songs or so longer than the mini-album. I started making this on my own before the mini album even came about. Its pretty much done now, but apparently it needs to be mixed and mastered.

What ranks as your career highlight so far?

Playing Roskilde for 50,000 people wasn’t bad, people not knowing who I was afterwards was even better! Maybe last weekend when I got to dress in a muscle suit, cod piece and antlers whilst riding a reindeer motorbike for a really popular Norwegian magazine… I’ll probably never see it or understand what they are saying about it all, but in my mind: 5 stars!!

Who will you be watching in 2013?

I guess it depends where I am. If I’m at a pub then I’m sure something like Girls Aloud will be inflicted upon me. If I’m at home then probably Hobbits or something. I prefer to watch everyday people.

What are you hoping 2013 will hold for you?

I know I am going to have a threesome and fall in love with the girl, pull a machine gun out of my 'gina and slow-mo shoot it at my kidnapper. Other than that, release an album, tour Europe and North America…

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