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Here at The Music Fix, we always like to give you more so we didn't just want to tell you who you should listen to in 2012 but, rather, have a chat with the acts in question to give you a little flavour of how they tick so that when they become pub banter next year, you can turn around and say "well, did you know..."

First up under the microscope are Camden four-piece Tribes who originally enticed us with raw indie rock anthems like 'We Were Children', before amazing us with their softer side on full-length debut Baby (out January 16th) leading to them being one of the first names on the 2012 Tips team sheet. We had a brief chat with bassist Jim Cratchley to find out what makes them tick.

Can you tell us a little bit about how the band got together?

I can. Johnny and myself grew up together in the Midlands, at roughly the same time that Dan and Miguel were growing up out in Maidenhead. We then all moved to Camden once a little older, and all appeared to drink in the same holes, and subsequently became friends. Then we decided to start a band. And that's what we did.

Who are your influences?

We love a bit of classic, British rock and roll; we listen to a lot of Stones, Clash, Zeppelin, Kinks. As well as a few American influences. Johnny listens to quite a bit of R.E.M., and we all love a bit of Pavement. Exile On Main Street was something we listened to a lot whilst making our album, there's a great energy behind it, and an honest live feel in the recording. So when you listen to it, you feel like you were at that massive party. It was something we wanted to address when making our record. There's a little too much polished music out there, where the human seems to have disappeared.

Are the tracks you’ve released so far indicative of what we can expect on your debut album?

We think the record will surprise a few people when it comes out. There's a softer side to it. It's not all full on rock, there are a couple of acoustic tracks on there too. We're really proud of the album we've made, and can't wait to let people hear it.

You’ve played Reading and supported the Kaiser Chiefs on tour, but what do you rank as your career highlight so far?

Personally, playing Reading. That was the first time we had a serious number of people singing our songs back at us, which is sort of the goal for us, for anyone in a band I suppose. Either that or playing Summer Sonic Festival, in Japan. That was our first trip overseas, and felt like a moment.

Who will you be watching in 2012?

There are a few really good guitar bands we've noticed over the past few months. We met a really good band called Sharks in Japan, who are really having it. They do a lot of touring over in the States, so we want them back. Another is a band called Whales In Cubicles, from London. We played together in Manchester recently, they're fucking brilliant, a shit load of fun.

What are you hoping 2012 will hold for you?

Well our album is out on January 16th, so we just want to get out and play it to people. That's why we started the band, and I think that's what we've got in store. We're really excited about next summer, to get out and do some more festivals.

Tribes' debut album Baby is out on January 16th through Island Records. Find out more about them by visiting their official site -

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