Tips 2012: The 2 Bears

2012 should be good for The 2 Bears, with the release of their debut album Be Strong in January promising to pump some fun into dance music. Even Elton John and Paul McCartney are fans! Following their inlcusion in our tips for the coming year, those men in the bear suits, Joe Goddard (also of Hot Chip) and Raf Daddy, submitted to a grilling from The Music Fix.

Why bears?

Because we are large and hairy and 2 mammoths didn't look so good on a T-shirt.

What can we expect from your debut album, Be Strong? What do you consider to be your main influences?

You can expect a bit of fun, a dance, a party, a weep and a cuddle. We're influenced by loads of stuff... Our families, London, our appetites, old house music, new house music, hip hop, dancehall, country and western...

Who will you be watching in 2012?

Roxy Mitchell off Eastenders and ZULU.

Who would you like to give a bear hug?

I'm in Australia at the moment a long way from home. I'd like to bearhug my wife, ahhhh.

Many readers will know about Joe Goddard's background in Hot Chip. Can Raf Daddy tell us a bit more about his musical background?

I was raised by Basement Jaxx on Coldharbour Lane, SW9. I signed Toddla T's first record deal and work closely with him still on his tunes and on our label GIRLS MUSIC. I was also a press officer for bands when I was a youngster. The only music I made before doing The 2 Bears were remixes of Basement Jaxx and Franz Ferdinand with my friend Dan Carey.

Last year was an amazing year for Joe as a solo artist and collaborator. Any more solo work or collaborations outside The 2 Bears in 2012? Anything happening with Hot Chip?

Yes, Hot Chip will be releasing an album in 2012 and touring the world and I may do some more solo stuff.

New single 'Work' is released on December 12th, with album Be Strong to follow on Southern Fried on January 30th. Find out more at

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