The Vinyl Fix: August 2015

Diggin' For Gold: Glasgow

'Pure pissin' it doon, so it was,' would be the local description because Glasgow was, indeed, a very wet city when we landed to do a wee bit of shopping. This put the kybosh on a full-blown vinyl hunting expedition but still managed to work our way round some of the best known city centre outlets.

Record Fayre (13-15 Chisholm Street) is a pleasingly old school outlet, supplementing the music side of things with DVDs, t-shirts and patches. The vinyl will keep you busy for a good 30 minutes if you're so inclined, although the retro air is mirrored in the racks by an absence of anything with a 21st century copyright notice. This is a good outlet if you're just starting out with the format; 20 or 30 quid will see you leave with a good bundle, as most of the stock is in that sweet £3-5 bracket. It's not the kind of thing to get the seasoned flipper's heart racing but if you are in the mood for 70s/80s rock and pop (Magnum, AC/DC, INXS, Madonna) there's plenty to choose from. [Score: Siouxsie and the Banshees 7" - £1.50]

At the other end of the scale, Mono (12 King's Court) is the epitome of the 2015 vinyl outlet, even though it's been around since the early 2000s. The record shop is only one part of the building which also houses a performance space, cafe bar and bookshop, the stock thus reflecting the 'cooler' end of the buying spectrum. To be honest, the inner Scot grimaced at some of the pricing (£25 for The Jesus and Mary Chain re-issues) but that's just the way some of the market is. It's weird that the humble CD has become the budget conscious option for those still enamoured with physicality.

Mono is is an extremely well-stocked shop, full of all the latest and greatest cult releases (soundtracks, Indonesian garage rock) with a good selection of homegrown acts. If you leave empty handed, you either ain't trying or don't have much in the way of disposable income. [Score: Purson coloured vinyl 7" for £2.99]

Love Music (34 Dundas Street) has been a staple on the Glasgow scene for a long time. Handily placed within spitting distance of Queen Street railway station, LM is a bit more leather jacket than Mono, with specialist punk and metal sections - and not just hipster punk/metal. If you want something by The Exploited or Megadeth, there's a good chance they'll have it in stock. And, although it may be heresy to say such a thing, the CD sections are always worth exploring for hard-to-find gems and genre material that's a little off the beaten track.

Vinyl News

To mark 25 years in the business, Relapse Records will be reissuing a number of classic and underground titles from throughout the label's history on deluxe vinyl during 2015. Albums from artists like Mastodon, Nile, Dillinger Escape Plan, Neurosis, Amorphis, Incantation, Human Remains will get the deluxe reissue treatment after being long out-of-print or never-before-available on wax. Additionally, a special, super-limited silver colored vinyl of every record released/reissued in 2015 will be made available exclusively from the label's website.

Vinyl Me, Please is a "record club that believes in the power of the album as an art form." Each month members receive a vinyl record (either new or re-released), an original album-inspired art print, and a custom cocktail recipe. Founded in 2012, Vinyl Me, Please is based in Colorado, and has members in more than 40 countries.

For September they release Pink the critically-acclaimed 2012 album by Four Tet and mark its first-ever pressing to vinyl. Exclusively available only to Vinyl Me, Please members, the special-edition pressing includes a 12” x 12” original art print by Royal College of Art graduate Danny Augustine.

For more information visit their website

Scotland’s The Twilight Sad return on 16th October with the Òran Mór Session LP: a collection of reworked, stripped-back versions of tracks from their Nobody Wants To Be Here and Nobody Wants To Leave album, b-sides and a cover of Arthur Russell’s ‘I Couldn’t Say It To Your Face’. The CD and download versions will be joined by a vinyl edition.

Public Enemy's Live From The Metropolis Studios comes in a variety of formats: a standard DVD in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, PCM and Stereo, as well as a High Definition, 1080p Blu-ray disc mixed in 2.0 LPCM, DTS-HD and MA 5.1 surround sound.

The soundtrack will also be released as a 2-CD audio set, digital download formats, a double black vinyl LP set, plus a limited edition Super Deluxe box set which includes the Blu-ray disc, the 2-CD soundtrack, a double vinyl LP specially pressed on clear vinyl, a 12” booklet and an MP3 download voucher.

The performance was record in London on 6th August in front of just 125 fans. Release date is 4th September.

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