The Music Six: The Struts

I have an obvious, and deep-seated, affection for Archie Gemmill, one shared with Trainspotting's Renton. Truth be told, however, I had forgotten he spent the best part of a decade at Derby County, so ingrained is that image of him in a Scotland shirt confidently slotting the ball past Dutch keeper Jan Jongbloed.

So who else has a Derby connection? Well, The Struts do and frontman Luke Spiller is pleasingly honest honest about his band’s campaign to raise their profile - and that of the East Midland's most forgotten city. “Let’s get guitar music back to the top of the charts! Let’s get guitar music back on the radio!” And he knows what he’s shooting for. “We just want to be the biggest band in England really.” Good man!

We grabbed Luke by the scruff of his leather jacket and asked, nay forced! him to tell us what his six favourite music videos were in a feature we're calling The Music Six! (Somebody should pay you to come up with this stuff - Managing Director).

Razorlight - Somewhere Else

Man walking down various streets in black 'n white singing like a cockney Bob Dylan. With a classic Borrell side smile in the middle eight. Such arrogance... it’s great!

Michael Jackson - Beat It

This is when Michael was looking his coolest at the height of his solo career. Comes complete with choreographed knife fight....genius!

Elton John - Pinball Wizard

Taken from the amazing rock opera Tommy (The Who) an amazing video full of imagination and colour with a 15 foot Elton John sporting some rather large platforms!

Queen - We Are The Champions

Let’s face it even though Queen have made some of the world’s greatest music, a lot of their videos I feel never complemented their songs. However, this video hits the nail on the head. With Freddie strutting around a stage in a black 'n white one-piece catsuit with a theatre of adoring fans - this is what Queen is to me.

Abba - If it Wasn’t For the Nights’ (Japan 1978)

Nobody knows how to write songs better than these guys. And this is a great example of their sheer talent! I have always fantasied about Agnetha from a young age and this is why. Forget about Kim Kardashian...this women had the greatest peach of them all!

Oasis - Let There Be Love

A great video showing why this band ruled the world and inspired more than just one generation. A great track where the two Gallagher brothers sing together. A real treat for any music fan. Enjoy and be inspired!

These are just some of my favourite videos. This list goes on and grows every day. Peace and love - Luke x


For more info on The Struts, visit their Facebook page.

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