The Music Six: The Dirty Rivers

Let's not fanny about: sometimes the kids just wanna rock.

The Dirty Rivers are Merseyside's latest contenders for your heart. You only need to check out the video for their new single 'The Kid' (17th June via Deltasonic) to get a grasp on how they roll: the swagger of early Kasabian or The Verve, a youthful middle digit to anyone over the age of 21. We kinda like it, although if they came into the chip shop while we were waiting, we'd be a little bit worried they might kick off. A bit of danger is no bad thing, though.

The Music Six - what's it all about? You know by now. Act picks six music videos that mean something to them, man. Or ones that make 'em laugh. Or whatever. Take it away lads!

The Dirty Rivers are: Mike Ellis – Vocals, Jay Roberts – Guitar, Lloyd Shearer – Bass, Ryan Ellis – Guitar, Ben Robinson - Drums.

The Verve - Rolling People (live)

Ryan: This is a clip from Haigh Hall in 1998. Why? When it kicks off watching the crowd is incredible. The guitar sounds are boss.

Fatboy Slim - Weapon of Choice

Lloyd: Why? 'Cos it's not obvious and not what you expect to happen. I also like it 'cos I'm quite a dancer meself. I could see us doing a video like that!

The Oh Sees - Toe Cutter Thumb Buster

Ben: It just goes brilliantly with the song. It's dark, spontaneous and unexpected. Fits with the rhythm of the song perfectly.

The Sand Band - All We Need

Mike: This just fits the song perfectly. It's epic, and it has a healing/soothing quality. Dom Foster's videos capture the mood of the songs in unexpected ways - they take the music into another realm.

Beastie Boys - Sabotage

Jay: Just love it! It was hard to chose just one video but I ended up choosing this one because I'm a Spike Jonze fan. I like it because it's just a parody on 70s TV shows like, Hawaii Five-O and Starsky & Hutch but they play all the characters themselves. It looks like it would have been loads of fun to make and be involved in.

Slowdive - Alison

Mike: Just for its beautiful nostalgia.

For more on The Dirty Rivers, pop over to their Facebook page.

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