The Music Six: Polyna

Siberia: we imagine it will be a bit chilly at this time of year. You'd definitely have to put on another layer - maybe even a hat! Brrr!

That said, do you know what's hot AND comes from Siberia? We do! Polyna - almost certainly the first person from the region to try to attempt to crack the European electro-dance market. Her first single, 'Crazy' was released earlier this month, so we took up the opportunity to quiz her about some of her earliest influences and the artists that managed to make an impression even when she was thousands of miles away from anything resembling a nightclub. Regular visitors will know this as the feature we like to call The Music Six!

Sting - Englishman in New York

I LOVE this video and the song! Everything here is incredibly stylish. I love how they show the feeling of being foreign somewhere because sometimes I feel the same... One of my favourite music videos and songs for sure!

Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You

This is not just one of my favourite music videos but it's also one of my favourite movies! Such an emotional song. Such an emotional video. Whitney is so beautiful! Love it! I can watch it million times!

Michael Jackson - Earth Song

Such a huge song! Amazing video! Michael was a genius for sure. This video means a lot to me... we all should remember how important our Earth is. Every person should try to make it a better place.

Beyonce - Run the World (Girls)

Absolutely love this video! Amazing dance moves and performances! Beyonce is incredible here! Everything is just perfect!

Rihanna - The Only Girl (In the World)

The colours are incredible in this video! Love love love it!

Seal - Love's Divine

I really love Seal. He is a real musician and his music is very deep. This song touches my soul and the stories in this video help to show the meaning of the song better. Amazing!

PS ...

OK Go - Last Leaf

A little peace of art!

(Wait - one, two ... Hey, that's seven! - Ed.)

For more info about Polyna check out her Twitter page

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