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It can't be easy being an Arsenal fan. You only need to look at the face of our Asst. Editor; every Monday it's the same hangdog expression, still coming to terms with watching 80 minutes of silky soccer skills only for two late opposition goals to undo all the good work. If we're feeling particularly mean, we just need to drop 'selling club' into the conversation and that's the atmosphere 'frosty' for the rest of the day.

So what can 'Gooners' do to cheer themselves up? How about making music? That's what South London duo JFXMUSIC have decided to do and they're about to release their single 'Traffic' (Dacyla Records, 8th April), three minutes of intense capital city UK rap that has real crossover potential. After shipping 30,000 copies of their mix-tape and sharing stages with the likes of Ed Sheerhan and Emeli Sande, maybe they can bring some silverware home, even if Arsene and the boys can't.

Traffic by JFXMUSIC

Just in case they do go overground, we sat Henry ‘Reks’ Nwasokwa and David ‘Blaks’ Blake down for a few minutes just to get a grip on where they're coming from, and who they look to for inspiration. It's something we call 'The Music Six', 'cos it's about music and there are six videos.

So Solid - 21 Seconds

First and foremost we would have to say So Solid Crew and their video for '21 seconds'. For us that video was mad creative, well edited and looked really glossy and, to be honest, they made UK rap look cool!

Ja Rule - Caught Up

Second video, in no particular order would have to be Ja Rule 'Caught Up'. Now this video is the definition of 'feel good'. Watching this actually inspired our first ever JFXMUSIC video ‘Summertime’. Go and check it out!

Bone Thugs N Harmony - Crossroads

Video number three would have to be Bone Thugs N Harmony 'Crossroads'. This video is emotional! At that time there was no video like it; it's kind of dark and a little scary.

Lil Wayne - Mirrors

Number four would have to be Lil Wayne ft. Bruno Mars and ‘Mirror’. This video is one of the most creative and artistic videos that we've seen. The concept is amazing - it’s progressive. The fact you have to watch the whole video to see the end product is what's incredible. Every shot adds to the video, it’s not the typical repetitive cuts.

Missy Elliot - Get Your Freak On

Number five is going to Missy Elliot ‘Get Your Freak On’. She is the queen of abstract, weird but classic videos. She always manages to pull out something completely different to everyone out there. None of her videos are the same. Constant creativity, you've got to love that!

2pac - California Love

Last but not least is 2pac ‘California Love’, a Hype Williams classic! This was like a short movie; it was bigger than just a song. It’s definitely a video ahead of its time, the props, acting scenes... it was just an overall incredible video.

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