The Music Fix Albums of the Noughties - vote now!

'What's another year?' pondered erstwhile Irish crooner Johnny Logan but we're more inclined to wonder aloud where the goddamn decade went - along with our hair and rock-hard abs.

The Noughties. The decade we'll remember as the time when teenagers rediscovered the joys of self-harming, Amerikkka elected a black man to the White House and Pot Noodle stopped being as tasty as it used to be. It's been a crazy, mixed-up ten years for sure - not least in the music industry where The Kids stuck it big-style to The Man by stopping buying CDs yet still pay old men to play heavy metal on big stages.

So what were your favourite albums of the past ten years? Perhaps you still have a place in your life for Gareth Gates' 2004 debut What My Heart Want To Say or Status Quo's Riffs which reached #34 in the charts back in 2003. Did you even know that The Cheeky Girls released a second album? (They did: 2007's digital-only In My Mind - Is A Different World)

This is where you come in. Pop over to our forums and cast your votes for your top ten albums of the decade. You will have to register on the forums to vote but what's another password among friends?

Results will appear on The Music Fix towards the end of October and we'll have a little party then too. Over the next six weeks or so, we'll also be running a few features about our favourite albums - so please keep checking back.

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