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It may seem like they have been away awhile, but The Futureheads have been hard at work. With the release of their fourth album The Chaos the band are well and truly back: better, stronger and faster. The single 'Heartbeat Song' has taken up permanent residence on the airwaves and next single 'I Can Do That' seems ready to move in next door. The band kindly took a few moments out of their busy schedule to have a chat about the new album and the genius that resides in all of us.

You’ve been away for a while. Have you been keeping busy? What have you all been up to?

We have been busier than ever, it seems there is so much to do these days. It's our tenth year together and it seems we have JUST learned how to do what we have always wanted to do. It appears we have escaped the 'loop'. We are a vigilante gang of polite friends. It's a PLEASURE to be here now.

Your new album The Chaos, has a darker, punkier edge to it. What influenced the making of the album?

The Chaos has more edges than a fifty pence piece! We didn't realise we were making an album when we put the songs together. It has almost a 50/50 split between up and down music. We let a lot of things influence what we did on this one. Musically it's not really influenced in that way by anything other than us trying to write chords and harmonies that we had never done before. The main theme of the songs I put forward are that everyone who is alive, without exception, is a potential genius. Creativity is not something that only preselected people who are just born with talent get to use. We are born with nothing and everything we become is because of choices we make in life. We write our life. In real time.

Is it true the band almost broke up after the second album? What kept you guys together?

It isn't true. IF Warners had kept us we would have had no choice to split up because we were desperately unhappy being a part of that world. Art tends to fail as art when all it is is money. It's fine and everything business is business, and all that, but but it's never art. If you make music as art then it will carry you through life as it will develop in to something with it's own energy. Something that will outlive your own body depending how good your computer is. Especially as now music isn't just on CDs and vinyl anymore. All those invisible songs are making quite a loud noise. We are seriously closer than ever as friends. Nothing 'bad' has ever happened to us really. We are living on light.

Your single 'Heartbeat Song' got a lot of airplay on the radio. You must be pleased with the reaction.

The songs from the album are doing well on radio in a few places around the world. It's brilliant for us as it gets the band in a position to get more opportunities to play and do sessions which is something that we love doing. A good acoustic session is somewhat of a thrill. I love it when people can hear the harmonies as the main feature instead of our ridiculously LOUD backline.

Were you worried that after the break people might have forgotten about you?

I don't get worried about things like that because we never let The Futureheads go to sleep even for a minute. When we appear to disappear it's because we are appearing somewhere else.

How do you think your music fits in with the current musical climate? Who are you listening to at the moment?

Everyone loves a bit of sassy punk rock music. There is room at the table for all styles of music and all bands to get a slice of the pie. Many things have to change in order to make that happen in reality. Simon Cowell should be arrested and charged for crimes against humanity and art! And fashion, he looks like a droid. I think he's quite funny and really I don't mind him. He's the man that ruined Christmas number 1 though. Unforgivable. Last year he was reminded of something. The people spoke.

Are you looking forward to getting back on tour? Do you miss being out on the road? What are you guys like on tour? Party animals or in bed by 12?

Twelve? Are you insane, that's far too late. I go to bed before and after the gigs, I need to sleep for 18 hrs a day. I'm 256 years old! But, seriously we like to revel. We like to feast and becoming as drunk as Lords once in a while. We have done over 700 gigs or something and we are having a splendid time on stage, we have loads and loads of songs now. We like to eat well when we travel, proper food and that. Mash and beans every night. Lush!

The Futureheads' new single 'I can Do That' will be released 28th July. Their album The Chaos is out now

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