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Soon to be superstars, electronic two-piece Yours, have shared a playlist entitled ‘Influences and Favourites’ that showcases the music band members, Joe Edwards and James Melaugh, are listening to during their current songwriting process. Settle down, but don’t get too comfortable, as you listen for tracks that capture the slow-building sense of anxiety and stasis you hear in the London-based duo’s own music.

Dustin O'Halloran - 'Theme Tune To Transparent'

We listened to a Song Exploder podcast about how O'Halloran composed this track. He talked about how he sourced different instruments for their unique sonic characteristics and not just their price tag, and then layered them over each other, an approach that gives his music a real immediacy. On repeat listens, because of all the layers that have been used, the track reveals more and more details, which is really pleasing!

The Range - 'Florida'

We’ve both been lucky enough to see The Range twice this year and both times were pretty phenomenal: you can tell he has a really clear creative vision, which is really inspiring. ‘Superimpose’, the documentary about the vocalists on the album is definitely worth watching too, ‘Florida’ being a great example of how it works really well.

Liars - 'Number One Against The Rush'

An anthem from a band who aren’t afraid to change, and that’s really exciting.

Clipping - 'Fat Fingers'

This came out just before the results of the U.S. presidental election and we had a conversation about how it’s so succinct in its character assassination of Trump, but it would be a shame it wouldn’t be listened to more because he would disappear after the election. How wrong we were.

“Who the fuck let this man talk? Shit is embarrassing. A fearmonger swearing to protect the world from terror… Keep telling these lies cause the truth ain't been good to a businessman who lost more money than rain forests lost wood”'

Magical Cloudz - 'Control'

‘Control’ is the perfect example of what Magical Cloudz do best: stripped back vocals against rich instrumentation, and very little percussion. It’s minimal and personal, confident but also kind of heartbreaking.

Jessy Lanza - ‘5785021’

A really nice sparse track and a little restrained, but the use of reverbs and rattling hi-hats really bring it to life. Great drums and the fact it’s got a slight 90s edge to it definitely helps!

Ghost Culture - 'Safe'

We especially love the bass synths on all of Ghost Culture’s stuff, and while the album shows he’s great at songwriting as well as club tracks, it’s this one that makes the list here for sounding absolutely huge.

Darkstar - ‘Foam Island'

A great example of how music can be politically aware and nuanced, without relying on slogans. It’s definitely made an impression.

Braids - ‘Amends'

Really love the vocal manipulation on this, and all of Braids’ stuff really, but we were listening to this track a lot around when Yours started. It’s beautiful, sad and intimate and in a way it’s all about the details, but on a massive scale.

The Acid - 'Creeper'

All the details are left in when it comes to their vocal production on this track. They are bone dry. No effects have been put on them which makes Ry X sound like he's right next to you, whispering into your ear. This way of treating the vocals really helps to make this genre of music more human and intimate, and it contrasts really well with the a-tonal bass sound that’s been used.

Keep up with Yours on their music and social channels: Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Bandcamp.

Photo credit: Rebecca Head.

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