The Fix List: Toby Keith

With eighteen studio albums under his belt big hitter Toby Keith is one of the most successful country music performers of the last twenty years. We gave the Oklahoman free reign to choose ten tracks for his playlist, what he came up with is a mix of his own tracks, including huge US number one singles, and some of his favourites from other artists.

Head to the end for the playlist, or read on for the thoughts behind the choices. Toby's new record, 35mph Town, is out now.

'Should've Been A Cowboy'

The one song that really launched my career. No other song I wrote would've been heard without this song. It was one of the most played songs on country radio in the 90’s.

'As Good As I Once Was'

My father used to say this line. The saying found it’s home in this song.

'I Love This Bar'

It paints a great picture of what I think the perfect bar is, and what goes on there. It's like reliving a video.

'American Soldier'

This is a tribute; a bridge between reality and the image of a soldier. It is a tribute to the great service personnel.

'Beer For My Horses'

This is a toast that you thought you’ve heard, but never had

Patsy Cline - 'Crazy'

Willie Nelson wrote this song and many times I sat opposite Willie on a tour bus and I would look at him and think that he wrote this stunning song more than 50 years ago.

Bob Seger - 'Main Street'

This song paints a picture of Main Street – a smokey and well crafted song. Picture perfect.

Boz Scaggs - 'Look What You’ve Done To Me'

This song is everything I thought I didn’t like in a song: pop and it's in a movie. But the structure and mood kills me.

Roger Miller – 'King Of The Road'

Snap of fingers = retro factor. It brought the cool factor.

'God Love Her'

So many other artists have complimented me on this song, saying it is the best song that I have written.

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