The Fix List: Thomas Spencer

British operatic pop-crossover tenor Thomas Spencer – contributor to film soundtracks including: ‘The Life of Pi’, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ and ‘Kung Fu Panda’ – has been busy recording his new album The Journey. But, very generously, he’s not been too busy to share with TMF some of his favourite music.

Read about and listen to Thomas’s choices below, before rushing out to buy his new album. Out now!

Johnny Cash - 'The Man Comes Around'

I just love his voice, it's so real and gritty.

Coldplay - 'Fix You'

I'm a big Coldplay fan and can listen to all their stuff. Lyrically brilliant, they have incredible energy and stagecraft.

Simon & Garfunkel - 'The Sound of Silence (Madison Square Garden NYC 2009 version)'

What an sublime song, the lyrics are deep and this version they did live connects in such a special way for me.

Eagles - 'Hotel California'

Every time I'm in L.A I put this in. It's my jam.

Queen - 'The Show Must Go On'

Ok, I unashamedly love Queen. One of the best bands ever.

The Who - 'Baba O’Riley'

One of the most iconic instrumental openings ever, such a brilliant song.

Thirty Seconds to Mars - 'Kings and Queens'

Jared Leto is such a versatile guy with his acting/singing/directing. This song always gets me in a good mood.

Hans Zimmer - 'Gladiator (Original Soundtrack)'

Got to throw my man Hans in here. This is one of the films where the score is so brilliant it inspires my musical mind.

Twenty One Pilots - 'Migraine (The Live Room version) '

This version is awesome. These guys have incredible artistic energy.

Thomas Newman - 'Finding Nemo (Original Soundtrack)'

The opening music to this film is truly special.

Matchbox Twenty - 'Bed of Lies'

I had a big Matchbox 20 stage of my life, this song is awesome.

John Lennon - 'Imagine'

Simple. Powerful. Brilliant. That's John Lennon for you.

Muse - 'Butterflies and Hurricanes'

Sonically, musically incredible. Muse had a real impact on giving confidence to throw the odd Rachmaninov styled piano solo in my own songs.

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