The Fix List: Susanna

Norwegian experimental singer-songwriter Susanna has taken some time out of the launch activities for her first album in four years, Triangle, to put a playlist together of the tracks she wants you to hear.

Harpreet Bansal - ‘Charukeshi’

"Excellent violin player who plays on my album."

Broen - ‘Iris’

"Heida Mobeck and Anja Lauvdal from this brilliant pop outfit played, arranged and co-produced the song ‘Hole’. The drummer Hans Hulbækmo plays drums/percussion on the song."

Splashgirl - ‘Reducer’

"Both bassplayer Jo Berger Myhre and keyboard player Andreas S. Løwe plays on several songs on Triangle, and also currently been doing live concerts with the new material. Splashgirl is their trio and I really like the music they make."

Jessica Sligter - ‘Run, Now!’

"A long time favourite, Jessica makes songs like no one else and her voice is remarkable. She deserves way bigger recognition for her music!"

'Run, Now!' isn't available on Spotify so here's a live video instead.

Helen Money - ‘Upsetter’

"Fantastic LA-based doom-cello artist. I met Helen Money (Alison Chesley) on tour in the US in 2014, she played with the also excellent Rachel Grimes from Louisville."

The Cairo Gang - ‘Coyote’

"Emmett Kelly has given me so many good musical experiences both with Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, his own outfit The Cairo Gang and when we have played together- an amazing musical soul."

Rolf-Erik Nystrøm - ‘Charisma’

"Remarkable saxophone player who plays all kinds of music in his own personal way."

Røine - ‘Hard Vår’

"Anders Røine plays guitar, langeleik and jaw harp on a couple of tracks on the album, an extraordinary folk/cross over musician who just released his 22-track debut in his own name."

Deathprod - ‘Shimmer/Flicker’

"My long time collaborator in music and life, Deathprod (Helge Sten), who also has played in my trio/band for a while, makes otherworldly transcendent music. Co-produced the Triangle and Under Water besides mixing a few of the songs together with me."

Container - ‘Afterworld’

"Fredrik plays drums and sings in my trio, and for the album he has played, programmed, co-arranged and produced In The Need Of A Shepherd with me, and yes he is my brother. This is one of his previous musical outfits, an eclectic and interesting album."

Susanna & Ensemble neoN - ‘Hangout’

"Ane Marthe Sørlien Holen plays in Ensemble neoN, my collaborators for The Forester. Extremely talented percussionist who plays both contemporary music and pop."

Pantha Du Prince & The Bell Laboratory - ‘Photon’

"Laura Marie Rueslåtten plays hand bells on my album, and she plays live with Pantha Du Prince & The Bell Laboratory. She plays the carillon in Oslo Town Hall too, so we all get to hear the wonderful bells every day."

Susanna's own album is out now and you can stream it below.

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